The Revolutionary Vs. the Rockstar: ‘The Getaway’ Could Have Been a ‘GTA: Vice City’ Beater

The PS2's London-set gangster game got suffocated by the success of 'Vice City', which is a bloody shame.

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MrsNesbitt1223d ago

Graphics wise I think it's better than Vice City, but there's something about Vice City which I prefer. Nice article :)

TheColbertinator1223d ago

Getaway had some very strong features like detailed British car designs,sharp voicework and even a cover system

RedDeadLB1223d ago

And it was difficult. You had to be careful.

captain_slow821223d ago

really hope we get a getaway game on ps4 i enjoyed them on ps2

Sonyslave31223d ago

GateAway the only Sandbox game where the cops actually care if you break the law, I remember getting in trouble with cops for Jay walking and driving pass red light.

BABY-JEDI1223d ago

I would love to see Guy Ritchie re-launch The Getaway. The attention to environmental detail was awesome. Gang warfare should have been elaborated. The shooting was brilliant as was the soundtrack. Sony should get on the old dog & bone, & get a new gangster filled Getaway going.

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