Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Will Make Player Choices More Impactful, Boss Fights Will Be Optional

Siliconera spoke with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided producer Stephan Roy to find out more about the game’s conversation battles, stealth routes, and how player choices will work in the Human Revolution sequel.

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timmyp531198d ago

I can't wait. Have to find time to reinstall the original DE and give it a go before it releases just for kicks.

TeamLeaptrade1197d ago

I'll have to give it another go. I stopped playing it for some reason a while back, and never finished it, so it's about time I jump back in.

joab7771197d ago

Why are games afraid of boss fights. I understand that they were outsourced for Human Revolution and many ppl didn't like them. I guess optional is OK is if fits the story...but some should be unavoidable, or if you skip them, you meet them again later.

Agent_00_Revan1197d ago

Yea. Not sure how much I like the bosses being optional. I like they made the way you fight them optional, (stealth, combat, conversation) but I worry about their impact now to the story.

TeamLeaptrade1197d ago

I think it comes down to the idea that some gamers want the full stealth experience. I think it could work, if the stealth segments work around the boss battles. Maybe it'll be challenging to get away from the bosses. I don't know, I expect it to still be challenging.

brish1197d ago


The problem with the boss fights in the original version is you had to fight them and there wasn't a good way to use a stealth build to overcome the bosses.

I don't want them skipable I just want a way a stealth build can win using stealth.

TeamLeaptrade1197d ago

I can't wait to play this. I still need to finish the last game, but this is one game I will purchase day one. I wonder how stealth is going to work in boss battle segments.

kassler1197d ago

If you choose to avoid a boss fight, there should be a consequence. Not just skip it?

Adrian_v011197d ago

Same as if you choose to fight them, there should be a consequence. A good rpg game is where each of your choices matter.