After 30 Years of Being a Dude, There's No Reason Why Link Shouldn’t Be a Lady

Nintendo can change the gender of their Zelda series hero, as the character is far from consistent anyway.

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FallenAngel19841223d ago

Changing Link's gender for the sake of changing his gender and nothing else would feel completely empty and forced. It would be as pointless as making Zelda a male.

Hyrule Warriors did it best where most of its playable cast were strong playable female characters who had their own substance. Link shouldn't have rule 64 applied to him just to please SJW. I'd rather have another strong female character with her own character depth be added to the series.

iSuperSaiyanGod1222d ago

It's like saying hey, batman now should be a girl ... No there's bat girl for that part . Just make a new character . Changing a characters gender for no reason at all is dumb . Specially a character as big as link . Arguable one of the most iconic video game characters of all time . Just dumb . Nothing else but dumb

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kreate1222d ago

Why cant they make a zelda game where ur actually playing as zelda?

Instead of making link a female...

rezzah1222d ago

Now if this Link was a Lady because it was a mirrored world beside the original. it would be a cool idea.

"Opposite world" every character gender is the opposite and colours have changed as well.

nowitzki20041222d ago

Yay! Cant wait to save Prince Zelda.

rezzah1222d ago

I guess you can only save things with a vagina.

SoulMikeY1222d ago

Rezzah, I'm pretty sure every Zelda game has you saving a sword at some point... sooo.

And on topic. I'm cool with choosing a gender if it's not a specific character, but if it is, it should NEVER be a choice to take away the creators art and change it. The fact that all of these "issues" are pushing their way into my entertainment tells me the world is going downhill quicker than it can be saved.

JsonHenry1222d ago

The social justice warriors will be pleased. The fans will be put off.

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ShaunCameron1222d ago

@ Cobra951

Have you read about the making of Splatoon? Originally, they didn't want a male lead character in it as it would undermine the lead female character.

sinspirit1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

EXACTLY. It has to make sense. It can't just happen because it came to mind. Should we have Samus be a man in a new game? No. It's stupid. It isn't sexist at all. It just is what it is.

If I wanted to play as a girl in Zelda I would want a solid story played as Zelda, but it's hard to elaborate on because of their tri-forces being bound to themselves. Link is courage and always will be. I would love a game to play as both. When Link gets trapped the cutscene ends and you play as Zelda to unlock the spell with her magic.

Shnazzyone1222d ago

Exactly, If these people had actually played the games they would realize that Zelda is a strong enough character in the series. Skyward sword the ongoing theme was knowing zelda and impa had already done everything way before you did. She was always 3 steps ahead.

Not to mention SJW's don't realise that it doesn't help whatever their cause is to make creators conform to how they want things. If you want better things than make them. If you feel that the characters in media you want are missing, then you should create these characters and if they are good they will be integrated into media.

3-4-51222d ago

There is " no reason " ? There are a million.

What is this person thinking who wrote this?

Have they no shame ?

* Fine article writer...Here is your logic right back at you.

EX: There is no reason why this person who wrote this shouldn't donate 100% of their paychecks to charity.

After going 20-30 years never doing it, it should happen right ? I mean according to this persons genius logic right ?

Worst article EVER!

* Stop STEALING other people's ideas for your own monetary gains and CREATE your own thing.

Smart people have the ability to create stuff.

Non-smart people do not...they have to steal.

Christopher1222d ago

Why not just introduce a new protagonist in the series that is a woman?

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Big_Game_Hunters1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

There is no reason for him to be a lady either. Why change something for no good reason?
Also lol at the article title originally saying "No reason why zelda shouldn't be a lady" then editing it.

linkenski1223d ago

Except maybe it's setting up a romance between Link and a female lead, like his companion or Zelda or maybe there's a reason in the story for him to be a boy.

iSuperSaiyanGod1222d ago

Is there a reason for you being a male or female?

linkenski1222d ago

No, but in a story, if the plot involves link falling in love with Zelda for instance, and Nintendo wants to portray a hetero relationship, then that dictates Link to be male.

Don't get me on my backfoot with that strawman. Distinguish between reality and fiction please. Of course there's no reason why I am male, except for biological RNG.

MrBrofist1222d ago

Nintendo has never confirmed rather or not Link and Zelda are a couple.

In the games they were either just friends or complete strangers.

Skyward Sword barley even touched on the subject even though this was the game they interacted with each other most.
He saves her because he needs they both need each other to seal away Ganondorf

skydragoonityx1222d ago

Whoever is behind this.. Just stop.

nowitzki20041222d ago

I agree.... But on the other hand I have been a male for 28 years there is no reason for me not to be a lady.

chrisx1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

Link will always be a guy there are many females in hyrule to pick a lead from. This article makes zero sense

MrBrofist1222d ago

It wouldn't be that far fetched if Link was a girl in a game because the series always evolved reincarnation so it could happen if Nintendo wanted to,
but the change wouldn't be that much of a game changer because Link is a silent protagonist.

I'd still play it if it did or didn't happen but the article is kinda pointless.

The 10th Rider1222d ago

To be fair, even though Link is technically a different person in each game, he's still the same character in the eyes of most consumers.