Halo 3 holds onto Live play top-spot

Live play figures for the week starting July 21 show Halo 3, yet again, lording over CoD4.

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poopsack3761d ago

are these going to be posted weekly?

outlawlife3761d ago

well they are the weekly rankings...

Spydiggity3761d ago

the halo crowd and the cod crowd are a lot different. and they have both been going back and forth for a while now. but, with the upcoming release of Gears 2, a lot of people are starting to play gears 1 again in preparation. and it's been my experience that gears of war players generally don't like halo but do like cod. so cod is losing some of its audience back to gears.

I'm just taking a stab at it, i could be wrong. just one guy's perspective

sonarus3761d ago

Great news for Halo Halo and Microsoft. I just hope they won't be releasing a statement telling us about how many achievements have been unlocked and the usual Msoft bla bla bla

chasuk083761d ago

I like the fact that they think we care

JsonHenry3761d ago

Why it is that everyone thinks Halo is so great is beyond me.

Xi3761d ago

That everytime an article that mention halo appears someone always posts that they are confused by the fact that halo is a good game.

Why is god of war a good game, why is half-life? Why did you even bother posting Json?

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Fragking283761d ago

i told people since cod comes out every year theres no way they can continue to be on top compared to the next first person halo which prob wont come out for two years.

outlawlife3761d ago

well reall cod fans know the real cod doesn;t come out every year

infinity ward cod titles usually have several years between
the treyarch versions come out in between and theya re usually not as good

the new treyarch game (world at war) is more of a sequel to call of duty 3 than 4 just copying the things thjat amde 4 fun (perks, ranks)


while i like COD4 more, i am starting to find it increasingly more frustrating.

The game just seems to be getting laggier ( it got bad when the update came out and has just got worse ) at least for me anyway.

hence i am playing it less and less now and a lot of my friends are finding doing the same. we love the game, but its getting pointless playing it cos of lag. they have all started playing gears again.

outlawlife3761d ago

my issue with cod4 lately is also frustration, but its not lag as much as it seems every game i get into is ended early by the host

people seem to be quitting more and more lately if they are losing and its gotten very annoying

DARK WITNESS3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )


Very ture, that is another thing as well.

Now i have to be honest, i never use to quit games, but i have become one of those people who do... again because of lag.

when i get into a game, i am using the M16 with stopping power, i see a guy running with his back facing me, i shoot him in the back 3 - 4 rounds to the point that i have to reload... something is wrong !

while i use to stay in the game, i have now got so fed up i just can't. i mean whats the point ? so i just quite.

no i don't mean this in a bad way, but i get this mostly at night when all the US guys are on.

psycho3603761d ago

IT doesnt' disconnect when host exits, just goes to lobby and connects again. Its frustrating when you've got the highest score or in top 3.

running rampid3761d ago

great game, deserves number 1 played position. just a shame my wireless network adapter is broken and i won't get a replacement for 1-2 weeks :(

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