A Boy and His Blob getting new entry for new-gen consoles

Majesco Entertainment has appointed a new CEO and is shifting away from retail games to exclusively focus on digital games, the company announced.

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pivotplease1201d ago

Nice. I remember the first game back in the day. Kind of poorly executed but kind of innovative in a way. Falling through the floor into random stuff below kind of reminded me of that old home alone game where you could fall through the floor and see treasure sitting on the hell-like underground below. Man game design was open-ended back then. I miss the first Contra.

SolidGear31201d ago

Yeah I remember when the first one came out as well

TheLastGuardian1201d ago

"exclusively focus on digital games"

Boooo, retail all day.

tanukisuit1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Wow... looks rough for them.
They originally had 16 employees, and now they are down to a whopping 5! I guess that's enough if they are only focusing on digital and mobile games now... :/

Btw, the new A Boy and His Blob game is called "Glue".

RobLoPR1201d ago

The old NES version was pretty cool... you fed your blob some jelly beans and it aquired certain powers. It feels good to see some of the games we played growing up are being remade.

wonderfulmonkeyman1201d ago

Bein' 31, this is a real blast from the past for me.
I remember the first time I played it; I was too young to know/remember what the beans did and ended up wasting all of them before leaving the first area.XD
I really should try clearing it again now that I'm older and wiser...

RobLoPR1200d ago

Me too I almways ran out of beans and got stuck 😂😂😂

Venox20081200d ago

I loved Wii version, so nicely done.. so this makes me excited..