Gal Gun: Double Peace is getting a worldwide release

The team was completely blown away by the outpouring of love and support for this franchise from the fans outside of Japan, and it turned out to be the final push to make a worldwide release for Gal*Gun come to be.

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dark-kyon1198d ago

I hope what they edit the least possible.

SolidGear31198d ago

Hell yes. I was mad that the 360 game never got a NA release.

bOObies1198d ago

No censoring please...

_-EDMIX-_1198d ago

Another day, another Japanese PS4 and Vita combo getting announced!

Hope other publishers take wind of this and bring their titles state side, but for all we know it might be getting digital only release or a limited print etc.

Better get your pre-orders out folks

FinalFantasyFanatic1198d ago

I'm surprised we're getting this localized, although there are other games I would have preferred localized first like God Eater Rage Burst. I'll still support this for the sake of getting more niche games.

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