PS3 to be console for casual gamers - Will Xbox 360 remain hardcore?

This generation console war is taking a decidedly bizarre twist, where there are two polar opposite sets of gamers being fought over. On the one hand we have the Wii, dominating sales, and soaking up the majority of the casual gamers there are in the world. On the other hand we have the PS3 and Xbox 360, technically superior consoles which appeal to the more hardcore and committed element. But the two worlds could soon collide.

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pwnsause3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

the PS brand has never been a console that appeals to casuals, it appeals to everyone. from 2 year old newbies, to 87 year old veterans. The proof is in the History books, look it up.

Laexerias3517d ago

u got it. i mean, the topic says: PS3 to be console for casual gamers, but there wasnt even mentioned that the PS3 is going to be a Casual Gamers Console. Totally crap. btw bubble for u.

Irishrocket693517d ago

History book are you reading?

cool83517d ago

More information:

Users from ANY age can play.(includes 1 year olld)

**Rated by me**

dont know about anyone else.

Jamie Foxx3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

thats what its known as but there trying even if the ideas are already out there by other companies ....lips,mii avatars etc

Laexerias3517d ago

My little Sis (she is 2) loves to play destruction derby in Racedriver Grid.

Kami3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

90 % of the people there, are little kidies

Bangladesh3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Infants can't play videogames, not even a Wii. Most kids can't even walk until their atleast 1 yr old. lol You guys are retarded. It is suprising that Nintendo hasn't tried to break into the untapped infant market though.

The Dark Knight3517d ago

ps3 is the hardcore gamer console tell me what 10 year old kid can afford a ps3? 360 is the causal console. doesnt take a genius to figure that out

ThatCanadianGuy3517d ago

No dark..

Wii is the casual console,the 360 is the poor mans PS3.

The Dark Knight3517d ago

Your right! dont worry what i said . Thatcanaidianguy makes sense :)

mikeslemonade3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Excluding Wii, the PS3 is going to be more casual than the 360 just because the PS3 will sell more than the 360. Also the online is easily accessible cause it's free. There are more kid oriented and family oriented games on PS3. I'm sorry but the 360 has no answer for the casual market not with lips, not with the movies game, not with the avatars, not with banjo, and not with viva. PS3 has Home, Ratchet, Jak, Sly, Singstar etc. It doesn't even need to be a family friendly game. Games like Gran Turismo sell a lot of systems and sell so much that it will tap into the casual market. The library for PS3 is simply more diverse.

Darknight: If a kid can't afford a $400 PS3 he surely can't afford a $350 360 with $50 online every year.

SolidLiquidSnake3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

@kami and kbdub: I'm tootaly agree whith kami...sometimes is almost impossible to play online on live...I passed very darkest hours playing Halo 3 online whith some idiotic dumb kids...or some older guys whith very immature attitudes!

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PwnShop3517d ago

I think they have potential, both of them. As a PS3 owner i'm not too excited for home (although really happy with xmb), own of my female friends who loves facebook thinks home is really cool, so that could appear to casual gamers. Also bluray helps in attracting casual gamers. Xbox i'm still unsure of how well Avatars and lips and all the new features will appeal to people, but i know netflix should be a big deal with casuals. But the thing i'm confused about is are games like little big planet, or banjo kazooie, are those games considered 'casual' because in my eyes they are some pretty hard core games.

KBDuB3517d ago

I completely agree with everything you have said. I for one am not looking forward to Home, I just wanna play games.. But, I know people who are looking forward to Home.

As for Banjo and LBP, they are both. =P
They have casual aspects as well as hardcore aspects.

masterofpwnage3517d ago

the ps always been for everyone. imean my little cousin which is 5 loves to play my ps3 all the time and so does my little brother which is ten loves to play it to.

but i dont kno about the xbox brand its mostly for those hardcore fans.

but MS try but to only fail

marionz3517d ago

yeah well my three neices nine seven and three all love playing viva pinata, its like crack for kids, they also enjoy party animals (yes i know its arse) and kameo, they are excited about viva pinata 2 also.

xbox is doing the casual thing alot better this time, and its only getting better with games like scene it, this is the movies and lips

masterofpwnage3517d ago

oh u mean lips the one they copy and scene it.

The Lazy One3517d ago

XNA, Xbox Primetime, Avatars (they do appeal to casual market, even if it is kinda taken from miis), XBLA, as well as casual full titles.

KBDuB3517d ago

Uh, there are many people that are considered to be in the "causal" group, and kids, that play the 360.

I know you have had to seen all the people say stuff about how many kids are on xBox Live.. As a matter of fact, read Kami's(1.3) comment.

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yesah3517d ago

>.> wtf, how can the ps3 not do both? Its not like their going to gut the thing, to make it $9.95. Sense lack this article posses

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