Musings: The Day Konami Dies

On September 1st, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain releases. And on that same day, a video game developer that we used to love will be dead.

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FallenAngel19841197d ago

Konami has changed, they're already a demon

3-4-51197d ago

Still getting PES.

It's not Konami, but whoever is in charge has an ego problem.

* PES is doing fine, so I think because Soccer is the worlds number one sport, and a lot of people around the world outside of US really prefer PES, that PES is here to stay and is financially safe for the time being.

It would be dumb for them not to release it as it's a money maker for them.

* They need to re-invest in Suikoden though.

burza19821197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Shame that PES will not release before MGS. I was planning to buy new PES 2016 but MGS is my last Konami game so unfortunately have to stick with FIFA this year.

Clown_Syndr0me1197d ago

Sorry but theres no way Im not buying MGS5.
Im not missing out on a top game over "morals" or disagreements regarding business..blah blah blah...
I couldn't care less, as long as I'm playing good games.

WKirk1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

This whole article makes me cringe.

All I can say is... priorities. Some folks need to reevaluate them. God help grown men who feel so strongly about a video game company.

vyralx1197d ago

Pirating every Konami game

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