Star Fox Zero 14 Minute Gameplay Video Covers Tutorial, Corneria

One Angry Gamer "There’s a 14 minute video of Star Fox Zero for the Wii U featuring the game’s tutorial mode that introduces players to the basic control mechanics, as well as a look at the Corneria stage, where Fox flies around blasting down baddies and showing off his starfighter skills."

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R00bot1223d ago

The graphics don't actually look that bad, although I do feel like some of the ground textures need work.

joab7771222d ago

This or Star Citizen? Hmmmm.

MSBAUSTX1222d ago

Have you seen Strike Vector EX yet? OH man is it beautiful and looks like crazy fun. But at the same time Star Fox is not the most advanced and highly textured franchise out. This game looks like fun and fast paced. It had good things said about it by critics at E3 as well. I will be picking it up.

People gotta stop thinking that the Wii U will provide ground breaking visuals. This game is rendering two completely different screens with different things going on at once. It isnt going to look like Project Sylphede or something. But it is Nintendo and it is Star Fox. It will be fun.

NukaCola1222d ago

This game looks archaic and the controls seem overly complicated. Watch the Kinda Funny Games preview on it. You could tell that this game is unfortunately going to be really bad.

ChronoJoe1222d ago

It's not as well represented in this off screen video, but the texturing is really quite poor.

It doesn't look THAT bad, I mean, it's not Earth Defense Force level of visual fidelity (that game gets away with it though) but considering every other Nintendo franchise actually pushes the boundaries of the consoles capabilities, it's not clear why this game looks as it does.

Starfox games have always been about the spectacle. The whole point was to push to boundaries of what's possible on their system. The first Starfox game was one of the first three dimensional games of its type, so it's a shame to see this looking like a Wii port.

Concertoine1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

Its actually pretty clear if you think about it. The game is already running in 60 fps, but it's streaming another 60 fps from a second viewpoint on the gamepad. Essentially, the consoles spitting out 120 frames at once.

Im surprised it looks as good as it does, all things considered. It's probably a very difficult game to develop. Especially since the technical side is not as apparent as a game that looks good like MK8

Segata1222d ago

I think it's running on the W101 Engine. That game was nice looking for the colors and art but textures were not the best in general. Great game tho and one of this generations best IMO. PG has never made a bad game and doubt they will start now.

Metallox1222d ago

@Ryudo No, it's clearly running on the Star Fox 64 3D's engine.

3-4-51222d ago

I love Nintendo, and the graphics are fine, but the gameplay looks extremely boring and just not fun.

Starfox 64 was good and fun for it's time because at the time, it was one of the most realistic flying experiences you could get, even if it wasn't "real".

It was something new, we'd never been able to play before.

The only reason it ever stayed in rotation was because of the multiplayer though.

That was it's "saving grace" and even then there were only 4 maps.

* This game just doesn't look that fun or interesting to me, but I'm still glad they are making it.

I'm probably in the minority when I say I'd rather them make another Star Fox Adventures than this type of game. Just my opinion and I understand many won't agree.

Geekman1222d ago

I respect your opinion, here, and I get why people liked and prefered Adventures, but when it comes to Starfox, I think the majority of people wanted something similar to 64, with unused concepts from the cancelled Starfox 2, and this game seems to deliver on both fronts. So At least Nintendos been listening to the negative receptions of the last couple of Starfox games.

Maybay1222d ago

This video hyped me up (good music).

marloc_x1222d ago

Am always amazed watching musicians work on Ninty's scores. Such talent☆

gamingpro1222d ago

I don't like the outline of the cockpit view I think it's lazy.

why not make it look like a proper spaceship inside with buttons and altitude level and stuff like that to make you feel like your actually in the spaceship instead of just a green outline.

iplay1up21222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

More like Metroid prime 3....that cockpit looked great on Wii. Way better than this.

With that said I will still buy this. Thankfully you do not have to use the gyro controls.

Geekman1222d ago

I'm glad it's this way. With the movements in this game having something in the way in cockpit view would be really annoying. It was an intentional design choice, not laziness.

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