Gamescom 2015 Award Winners Announced; Star Wars Battlefront Cleans Up

The list of Gamescom award winners, the cream of the crop at the annual conference, has been officially released.

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Rimeskeem1198d ago

That is BS, IMO multiplats should not win best game on a certain console.

TheGreatGamer1198d ago

I agree. Battlefront won ps4 and MGS V won XB1 yet both are multiplats lol should be awarded to exclusives

HaydenJameSmith1198d ago

Exactly like how on earth does Quantum Break not get best Xbox Console Game. Unbelievable.

venom061198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Awesome!!!! Well done Battlefront... If the final release is like the Alpha build, we're in for a real treat

fermcr1198d ago

LOL, Star Wars Battlefront for best of show? What a joke!

These awards are probably rigged.

annoyedgamer1198d ago

You think? EA doesn't just throw their cash to anyone...

Bathyj1198d ago

Why the hell not?

So the best game on a console cant be a multplat?

Not saying I agree with the decision, I only saw Quantum Break (which looks fantastic) and Scalebound from the whole show, so I'm in no position to pick a winner, but saying a game is disqualified from being the best game on Xbox because it happens to be on PS4 too is ridiculous. Each game should be judged on its own merits.

starchild1198d ago

Fully agree. We're all entitled to our opinions. The idea that the best game on a platform MUST be an exclusive makes no sense. If the people that voted on it thought a particular game, that happens to be a multiplat, was the best game on that platform then so be it. That's a valid opinion. A great game is a great game, after all, regardless of whether it's a multiplat or exclusive.

Christopher1197d ago

@Rimeskeem: To me, it just reinforces how much it's third-parties that are leading in gaming and not first-parties. Regardless of how much people on N4G love the hell out of first-parties and hype them to high heaven, gamers out in the world still really care more about their third-party titles than anything else.

Heck, I bought my PS4 primarily for third-party games since none of the release games were of interest to me. My first exclusive game was Second Son. If the XBO had IPs I cared about at release, I might own just that right now. But, it was only third-parties that I cared about then and pretty much the same now.

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Sonyslave31198d ago

The best game at Gamescom on xbox gotta be Quantom Break or at least Tomb Raider.

Rimeskeem1198d ago

I'd give it to Crackdown for the innovations it has brought with physics and destruction

1nsomniac1198d ago

...Or at least reinventing the wheel.

-Foxtrot1198d ago

Best of Gamescom...Battlefront

Really? They did see Quantum Break...right.

Kind of think they are playing the nostalgia card here. Battlefront looks ok but the hype is feeling an awful lot like Titanfall.

annoyedgamer1198d ago

No, not nostalgia card, the promotion card. EA paid for the awards. Just look at last years VGA awards, non stop EA product promotions and awards to EA titles.

Christopher1197d ago

It's Star Wars. The general populace is going to gravitate towards that game like crazy this Winter and they already do just because of the IP.

Dlacy13g1198d ago

So I find it odd that from the gamescom "awards" that only Nintendo had their own software being "best of" for their console:

Best Console Game Sony Playstation
Star Wars Battlefront (Electronic Arts)

Best Console Game Microsoft Xbox
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Konami Digital Entertainment)

Best Console Game Nintendo Wii
Super Mario Maker (Nintendo)

Rimeskeem1198d ago

well, Battlefront and MGS5 arent on Wii U

HaydenJameSmith1198d ago

So how does Quantum Break, Scalebound, Crackdowm 3, Halo 5, Forza 6 or Tomb Raider not get Best Console Game Microsoft Xbox ?

Not to say MGS5 doesn't deserve commendation cause that looks fantastic but if anything it should have gotten Best of Show, at least it did get Best Action Game. Quantum Break though was the real standout at Gamescom this year for me.

butchertroll1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )


Quote :

"""It must really upset you that the Xbox One version is reported that the final output will indeed be 1080p.

You gonna go back to the parity excuse now ? Can't win with ye fanboys. If the Xbox One is 1080p, it's parity and the PS4 is being under utilized but if the X1 is running at 900p it's weak and at the scrutiny of jokes. Such a hypocritical lot and the double standard is real judging from all the comments."""

What's up? I saw your post on MisterXmedia's forum. What? You discovered that MGS V will be 900p on Xbox One. You try to blame Konami for bad wording? It's crystal clear what "final output" means! You played Ryse on your Xbox One? Game is 900p. WHAT WAS THE "FINAL OUTPUT"? Gamespot just try to mislead people and probably they don't know the meaning of "the final output" beside 900p label. Hell, they will not even try to correct it. And you call others a hypocrite and fanboys because other said that MGS V will be a 900p ( which is CORRECT ) on Xbox One. But Gamespot is the ONLY site who said that game will be 1080p ( despite Konami's clearly statement that game will be 900p ) and you used Gamespot's uncorrect and misleading update for your claim. You hypocrite, hypocrite...HYPOCRITE!!!! Don't worry, everybody will know that you're a MrX follower.

StrayaKNT1198d ago

Weird, crackdown, scalebound and quantum break eat battlefront for breakfast

Christopher1197d ago

I'll give you Quantum Break, not sure about the other two yet. Was very disappointed with Scalebound. I'm not a fan of Monster Hunter style games and it looked way too easy for a DMC-style game.

StrayaKNT1197d ago

Yeah Quantum break was a stand out, scalebound just needs time and polish. I'm not a big fan of monster Hunter games myself but I just want to see the 4 player co op in action. I think it will be cool.

Letthewookiewin1197d ago

And Horizon Zero Dawn eats Crackdown, Scalebound and Quantum Break for lunch.

StrayaKNT1197d ago

That's your opinion. I don't think horizon comes close to any xbox one exclusive in 2016 tbh everything Microsoft showed actually looks heaps better to me.

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