Ranking the best and worst of the Mass Effect games

PCgamer: Mass Effect is beloved, it's lauded, it's three video games people have strong opinions about. I'm not sure I've ever totally agreed with anyone on which is the best and why, so to find out just how wrong I am, I asked 1,256 people to tell me which Mass Effect is the best Mass Effect. I also asked which is the worst, and all kinds of other things—who you romanced, paragon or renegade, and so on. These are the results. Because math.

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ScorpiusX1198d ago

Enjoyed the first , Second was a vast improvement third ones DLC was great but the game it self was a bit of a let down . Hopefully this 4th one is more in line with the first 2 games .

Ristul1198d ago

Imo first was the best in terms of rpg-elements and plot, second perfected some aspects of the game and the third... well, that ending kind of COLORED the experience in a negative way.

Naga1198d ago

It sure generated some COLORFUL language on my end.

Rebel_Scum1198d ago

Was there anything positive you found in ME3? Just curious as what you mentioned about the first two I mostly agree with.

ME1: Best plot, gameplay (loved traversing planets in the mako), best method of material gathering. Difficulty settings were great.

ME2: Improved the combat a bit, new characters were great, great missions although had they been part of the original's planet traversing would be better.

ME3: Best combat of the series, mood and pacing ok but the urgency of the reaper invasion could've been better. Original ending I liked, redux ending went too far and I feel it treated its audience as dumb by over-explaining.

In the poll I can't believe most people said soldier was the best way to play. That to me is stupid. Biotic/Vanguard is easily the best, with female shephard.

Ristul1198d ago


I thought the third game was fine up until the end, there was much that bothered me however, such as the fact that you could not holstering the weapons. I like to explore environments and it just felt awkward with zoomed-in camera with weapon drawn. Then there was far less interactive conversations, the deus ex machina that was the Catalyst, and the ending really killed it for me. I loved the mysterious nature of the Reapers, but the Catalyst kind of cheapened them for me by saying he built them.

It's not just the fact that the third game had an awful ending, the ending hurt the other games in the series for me.

Rebel_Scum1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

lol yeah I have a mate who hated the lack of holstering in it. That was a minor thing I completely missed until it was pointed out.

Ristul1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )