PixelJunk Eden Demo TQ impressions

The game would of been the best game I would have ever laid my hands on about 6 years ago, when I use to smoke a bowl every other step.

The game recommends to play this on an HDTV and high fidelity headphones, or really high quality 5.1 set of speakers for optimal experience while smoking a fat bowl of your favorite greenery. I didn't really get in to this PixelJunk game like I did for the first. When I tried out the first PixelJunk Monster game, I was hooked and couldn't put the controller down. I was a bit bored with this one, and the game controls were a bit off to me, especially the whole swinging on plants part of it. The graphics are nice, the music is good, but I'll stick to the original Pixel games for now.

If you have a PS3, and some chronic, download this game. It just might be the best game you will ever lay your hands on.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3639d ago

HAHAH i didnt really get into the game like i did when pjm came out. i was hooked on that game...

but man i could swear i played all this while i was on salvia lol

AshleyRiot3639d ago

I liked the demo alot so much in fact it made me decide to get PJM because I felt like I was missing out and I was both are very addicting.

-EvoAnubis-3639d ago

This tool fried so many brain cells that he no longer recognizes a good game when he sees one, and wants other people to fry their brains as well?


wolfehound223639d ago

Lol well I enjoyed this game a lot and I wasn't smokeing a thing. O well no game will appeal to everyone.

aiphanes3639d ago

I played through the demo to where it locks you out of playing anymore!

Simply an awesome game...and there will be trophyies!!!

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