Chvrches Plays Paramore’s “Ignorance” on Rock Band 4 at Gamescom

Chvrches checks out the sights at Gamescom and squeezes in some Rock Band 4 time for an enjoyable taped live performance. It'll be hard to "Get Away" from this cover, let alone "Recover" from their previous work!

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Relientk771074d ago

"Ignorance" is amazing and Paramore are so good live

23Breach1074d ago

I need to check out Paramore because of this video.

Relientk771074d ago

The glasses I'm currently wearing are slightly bent from the Paramore concert I was at months ago (yes there are still bent) and it was during "Ignorance" Totally worth it lol

we4201074d ago

You need to..they're amazing!!!!

Lightning Mr Bubbles1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

If you're just discovering Paramore now it's the wrong time. They were awesome like 5 or 7 years ago. Now they're total garbage.

Just look at the videos from before and now.

WeAreLegion1074d ago

I totally agree and so is Relient K.

Immorals1073d ago

I saw paramore live with about 100 other hungover people on a Saturday morning at a festival. Honestly, one of the most boring bands I've ever seen live. (apart from Hayley)