Square Enix Still Negotiating With Microsoft for an Xbox One Port of Final Fantasy XIV

Last year, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida told DualShockers that the team was ready to develop an Xbox One port of the game as soon as Microsoft opened to cross-platform gameplay.

Recently, Microsoft opened to cross-platform gameplay between Xbox One and Windows 10, and Yoshida-san gave DualShockers an update on the situation, also mentioning the possibility of a future negotiation for Nintendo's NX.

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TheGreatGamer1074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

Make it happen Microsoft, sure a lot of Xbox One owners would love to play this game

Abriael1074d ago

Funny to see disagrees. It'd be awesome to have this game on all platforms.

It'd be good for those that have those platforms, and for the game as well. With MMOs, the bigger the community, the better, especially for pay to play MMOs.

TheGreatGamer1074d ago

Yeah definitely! getting on Xbox One and Nintendo's 'NX' console will do nothing but support the developers. With Microsoft pushing cross-play it'd be a bit contradictory for them to not allow this

HaydenJameSmith1074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

It'd be a great sentiment I think if we actually saw the Xbox One (and likely the 360 version) worked in cross-platform support with the PS4 and PS3 as well as PC. Would be great to see MS and Sony partner up to do that...

It's probably never gonna happen but I think it would be a great idea in an age of social media where people argue about consoles all the time.

zekk1074d ago

Only issue I see is if Sony or Microsoft doesn't allow for cross platform servers. I mean ps3,4 & PC cross platform severs work great. Adding more plateforms and people means more people for raids and dungeons. But if ms or Sony won't cooperate then I can't see it being worth wild to create new servers just for x1. I don't think there would be a population on them especially in Japan.

rpgenius4201074d ago

Final fantasy XI was cross platform PC+playstation2+xbox360! So it can be done let's make it happen ms.

Kal0psia1073d ago

I gave him a disagree. I don't see this game doing well on Xbox. Smite however is a godsend. Great game. More MOBAs! Hope Fable Legends turns out great too.

Truthandreason1073d ago

Disagrees are from fanboys trying to keep this on their exclusive list to wage war with lol.

donthate1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

This story is full of bullsh!t.

MS has allowed cross play between PC and Xbox One before and is doing it again, so I don't see why MS has an issue with this or why SE "are not allowed" to do this?

Something is not right with this story!

Gamer4life131073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

Not to be jerk but it's a waste of money to have it on Xbox one. Reason why I say it's a waste is cause all I ever hear from xbots fanboys is Japanese games aren't true games compared to halo gears and so on also they are for anime nerds, they are for girly guys and much more. In fact I don't even think Xbox fanboys deserves to have amazing Japanese games like FF series, kingdom hearts 3 hell even scalebound. I would luv for it to be on Xbox one so more people can experience the game but it's just sickening how pro American and broshooter people are that have an Xbox one.

LeCreuset1073d ago

"Disagrees are from fanboys trying to keep this on their exclusive list to wage war with lol."

Really? Because the comment right above yours owning up to being one of the disagrees comes from an Xbox gamer. Maybe they just aren't that excited about acquiring a "no game." You know, one of those games the PS4 is said not to have whenever certain people try to discount games not on their platform to bolster "their exclusive list to wage war with."

Spotie1073d ago

Disagrees because people don't agree, perhaps?

I, for one, don't think it'll do too well on XB1. They're obviously not a full representation of the whole base, but so many Xbox fans around here disregard games like XIV for whatever reasons they can come up with at that moment. Outside of that, sales of jrpgs have never been very high on Xbox platforms, and though I'm not sure how well the average MMO does, I DO know the ridiculously small install base in Japan is likely to be one more factor AGAINST this happening.

kaizokuspy1073d ago

I would love to see cross play between all consoles. Would be more fun that way

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Thatguy-3101074d ago

The genre doesn't thrive on the Xbox so I wouldn't say a lot.

christocolus1073d ago

Well im glad Ms and Square are discussing and not bothered about that.I bet there are many who would love to play it on xbox.why do you guys even care where it goes to?isnt it already on your platform?.


"Not to be jerk but it's a waste of money to have it on Xbox one. Reason why I say it's a waste is cause all I ever hear from xbots fanboys"

xbots? Fanboys?

Using words like that makes you one.

MasterCornholio1074d ago

They would have to allow cross play between their system and PCs and PS4s.

I would have no problems with that.


GameBoyColor1074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

Where are your disagrees coming from lol. Ffxiv would be amazing with 3 platforms all playing together

Edit: 4 platoforms. Ps3 lmao

TheGreatGamer1074d ago

No idea lol yeah that would be freaking amazing

Erik73571074d ago

What is there to discuss??
Microsoft:"We wanna make this game work on xbox one"

Square Enix"But we wanna rip off gamers with a glorified xbox 360 port"

djplonker1073d ago

More like

Square: hey ms do you want this cross platform game between pc/ps3/ps4 to be on the xbone?

Microsoft: only if it has it's own seperate servers.

Square: hell no.

TheHaloGuy1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

I don't wanna play it anymore. 2 years is too long for me to keep caring. Sucks but it'd just be a waste of time now.

blackout1073d ago

Neverwinter is way better than this game. 2m plus on x1, so there is a space for it on X1. How about Microsoft and Sony try to get a WOW port on these next gen consoles with no subscription just a flat sale. MMOs are A lot of fun.

zidane13411073d ago

@blackout, BAHAHAHAHA, are you freaking kidding me? not even CLOSE. Neverwinter is buggy, laggy, and the graphics are pretty crap on xbox. FF 14 is like one of THE top MMOs right now. Neverwinter isn't even close. The entire NW interface is horrid, I could go on for days about how FF is better.

Magicite1073d ago

FF11 was a big mistake on x360, so I dont know about this...

LegoIsAwesome1073d ago

It's still possible even if Sony help in making FFXIV? I saw Sony's name at the credits. Doest that make them like a partner or something? Meaning it's ps4 only?

3-4-51073d ago

Are the Disagrees because Sony fans want it all for themselves ?

If that is the case, then that is really childish and selfish.

Jubez1871073d ago

I mean to be fair, the resourced put into making the port and whatnot would take away from other endeavors. So is it really worth it? It wouldn't be a big player base but could take away from better projects.

This is how business people have to think.

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Jubez1871074d ago

Eh still unlikely. Just Windows 10 is a longshot from other Windows OSs and PS3/PS4

isarai1074d ago

Till MS allows cross platform multiplayer i really doubt this'll happen, it's pretty much the main reason it's only on Sony consoles atm, hopefully this negotiation ends with that stupid policy being taken down

Immorals1074d ago

Have you ignored all Microsoft related posts lately? There's gonna be more cross platform games then ever before on any console.

Windows 10 has built in xbox functionality, and Microsoft are trying to push for a united platform!

zekk1074d ago

By cross platform isarai means PS+pc+x1. Where as what ms is saying for win10 to x1 only I believe

Sonyslave31074d ago

MS have cross platform with a lot of Pc games just probably not going to happen with PS3&PS4 platform.

Which Square probably want a universal ecosystem but that never going to happen this gen or the next.

ZaWarudo1074d ago

Gotta make it cross platform.