10 Easter Eggs That Make You Chuckle

Easter eggs. At one point in my gaming career I genuinely thought these were digital chocolate eggs that were scattered in the game. I tried so hard looking for the chocolate wonders, but with no luck of course. Then my noob senses came to me; Google what it means!

Easter eggs are little secrets and oddities placed into the game by developers. They provide humorous moments or moments of “oh, look its…!” They’re like the little cherry on the cake, or that dash of salt added to dinner.

Let’s take a look at a selected few that made us laugh.

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Maple221226d ago

Looking for Easter eggs is always fun!! There are some great ones here

Fridgecake1226d ago

I did not realise there was an actual easter egg in GTA!

MrsNesbitt1226d ago

It made me so happy and to feel like less of a noob!

GamerGabs1226d ago

Actually didn't know about most of these, they made me smile.

hamshira1226d ago

My first Easter Egg was the Halo 2 skulls. Late, I know.