EA Access looks to add Xbox 360 Games

After a reply to a tweet it looks like EA Access is investigating on how to add Xbox 360 games into the EA Access vault on Xbox One.

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Death1197d ago

Very cool thing to do. It's nice that B/C is doing much more than letting gamers play their existing library of games.

Septic1197d ago

Ah so it did come to fruition. ;)

That's a wicked move. Still need to play Dead Spaces 2 and 3!


Usually my predictions are way off and can be passed off as ramblings in the same vein as those random homeless drunk people spouting off about how the worlds going to end.

I was dead right about this one.

Rookie_Monster1197d ago

Sounds good. EA Access adding BC xbox titles is a win win combination. That mean Mass Effect, Dragon age, and others are coming to xb1.

donthate1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

When you thought BC couldn't get better with already:

* free BC games with the latest game for Xbox One
* free GwG will be BC moving forward soon

Then BAM, EA Access might give you free BC games with subscription!

It is a really good time to be an Xbox One gamer!!! :D

@Rookie_Monster below:

F' yeah! I will be playing Battlefront a week early too, and for free to see if it is even good before a lot of other people. You never know, the game could be [email protected] or it could be awesome. Either way, I try early before you buy! :D

Rookie_Monster1197d ago

Indeed it is. Speaking of EA access, can't wait to play Battlefront a week early and rounding out my online fragging skills as well. ;)

gamer11381197d ago

Give me mass effect 2!!!

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