Crackdown 3 Destruction Restricted to Multiplayer [Update]

Update: Microsoft has clarified that it's not the entirety of Crackdown 3 that will be available during summer 2016, as Dave Jones seemed to suggest. Instead, it's just multiplayer that will be playable in that window, according to a tweet. Whether that means a beta test or something else remains unclear, but we've followed up to find out more.

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christocolus1201d ago

Multiplayer Beta most likely. A game as ambitious as Crackdown 3 definitely needs to have a beta.

crazychris41241201d ago

I hope they have multiple betas for this game. The more testing, the less problems at launch.

christocolus1201d ago

Definitely. Multiplayer is a major part of this game so MS has to make sure its working great at launch so i think we'll probably see multiple betas.

4Sh0w1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

....but what if the 1st beta basically works really well in performance, I mean they kind of know what to expect from the online server side as they have built this game from the ground up to be fully destructible, with thousands of users mininmum online and from the user side designed for very low connection speeds. What else is there really to be worried about??? Short hiccups & minor bugs are unavoidable in complex games today even after release(no excuse for major problems) these days but if the tech is solid, the 1st beta may only confirm that beyond a few bugs and further optimization its entirely possible they might not need a second if they do then of course Im all for it, Im just not assuming they will since this has been the plan for Crackdown and they seem pretty confident with what they are doing.

GameNameFame1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


If this becomes popular, then Sony, Activision, EA, maybe even Nintendo will follow.

It is nothing but dedicated server. Like many people already say. Sony already worked on one game that had it.

Here. That was from 2 YEARS AGO. Sony was developing it then. it was *GASP* CLOUD PHYSICZ. or just server physics.

I didn't see Sony fans making a big deal then.

Sony/EA apparently is in partnership with VoxelFarm which is their physics engine.

They are same voxel technology what MS and Everquest was doing.

4Sh0w1201d ago (Edited 1200d ago )


Azure, Amazon, Google have built very expensive cloud platforms for business over many years. >>IF<< Sony and others can do this just after it becomes popular then great, but somehow I suspect its not as simple as you think but hey whatever you say. Microsoft has a game implenting it now and its unlike any poor comparisons you can come up with....when in fact sony are making a game specifically implementing something on the same level I will applaud them for it, until then it doesnt exist.

Your desperation reminds me of Mariahelfuri or whatever her name was, obviously shes moved on to new n4g troll accounts.

nowitzki20041200d ago


MP is a way bigger deal in Halo then it is in Crackdown and look what happened to MCC. I loved Crackdown 1 for SP, I am disappointed it wont work in SP.

Christopher1200d ago

@4show: "What else is there really to be worried about???"

Honestly? Only thing really is datacenter outages/issues.

The site in the last week of July had one and took the site down for almost a full day because of one. So, the question I think on their end is being able to simulate an outage and then keep people connected by rerouting through other datacenters or the like. That's what I'd test for, maintaining connection through rerouting protocols.

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IamTylerDurden11201d ago ShowReplies(5)
UKmilitia1201d ago

have they said how many people online in same zone yet?

Christopher1200d ago

I don't see why it wouldn't be just multiplayer. You don't tend to do open beta/stress testing of SP games.

lvl_headed_gmr1200d ago

Having the level of destruction in single player like it is in multiplayer wouldn't make much sense.

There are missions and orbs in high areas. A player could destroy something that was apart of a mission before getting to that mission in the story.

This level of destruction in a sandbox gamr while still maintaining 60fps and this level of graphical is unheard of in any console game before.

Only MS can deliver this. Can't wait to see what else MS uses the cloud for; combined with win10+DX12, MS reallyhas the most powerful console ever made.

1200d ago
Ezz20131200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

**MS reallyhas the most powerful console ever made**

Lol, The irony in your name is too much.

Angeljuice1200d ago

"Only MS can deliver this. Can't wait to see what else MS uses the cloud for; combined with win10+DX12, MS reallyhas the most powerful console ever made."

Are these the words of a "Level headed gamer" or an empty headed loser?

Seriously, you can't truly believe the crap you write do you?

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CYCLEGAMER1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

If it wasn't restricted to multiplayer, people would be freaking out, saying that MS brought DRM online only back (I know this because I see the uninformed freaking out about it already).

Which is funny because no one is complaining Titanfall, Destiny and others being online only....weird.

On topic: I think this game will get a late 2016 release or be pushed to early 2017.

AngelicIceDiamond1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Can't have a AAA exclusive that's always online ppl will yell DRM, just like you said some already are.

I personally think its a buissness choice as to why they have an offline mode. MS wants this game into many ppls hands as possible, so its a marketing thing as why it has offline. I'm sure MS isnt worried about DRM backlash tbh. TF was online but that wasn't MS choice, that had little to do with MS and most to do with Respawn.

At least Cloudgine isn't lying to us. They told us the games experience will be cut in half offline. As far as content goes your still getting everything offline, just not the cloud compute tech.

I can see late 2016 along side Gears 4, Halo Wars 2, Maybe Scalebound or Sea Of Thieves will make it out that holiday as well.

GameNameFame1201d ago


CLoudengine? LOl are you for real?

It is just dedicated server ran physics. It isnt new. It isnt special CLOUD POWERED. Sony was making a game with server ran physics.

Here is one Sony was developing. Yes. "CLOUD PHYSICS" or "CLOUD ENGINE" doing physics here.
-You can make hole in a wall.
-You can make your own freaking cave.
-You can bulldoze a mountain.
-You can dig straight to a boss in a dungeon and by pass mobs.
-Ofc destroy castles.

With millions people on server btw as Free to play game.

Guess what? Sony still have partnership with a company who made the engine.

Dewitt1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Sigh you seem very upset that MS has this tech that actually works the way they orginally described it. After you spent months defending how it wasn't possible and merely a gimmick. You are the biggest type of hypocrite.

Also no, the servers Sony is renting from Rackspace our data hosting servers, the tech this required uses multi-threading shared data. Big difference.

marlinfan101201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

"But but but sony..."

It's pretty sad how mad/defensive you get about this type of stuff lol.

kstuffs1201d ago

Wasn't it impossible because latency and bandwidth issues? Now that MS a tech demo with the actual game coming in 2016_ then suddenly it's just dedicated servers that Sony can do? And here I thought it was impossible and a gimmick that is useless and a joke. Suddenly Sony can do it too!!!

GameNameFame1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


Lol. What? When did I say "Now that MS do it, sony can do it too" Sony was doing it before MS. Other MMOs have been doing it for a while.

Now MS slap "cloud" on something that exist. It is super secret sauce.. LOL Its just server physics.

That Sony's server physics footage were from 2 years ago. AHAHAHA.


All it shows is that no one hyped up cloud physics back then, but now x1 fans are too desperate. So everything gets hyped up.

Anyone with a dedicated server can do this btw.

Kiwi661201d ago

Seriously why are you mad about a game on a console that you always bash and why post the same youtube video over & over again it just makes you look really desperate because people are talking about the destruction in crackdown 3

AngelicIceDiamond1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

@Fame Go awayyyyyy

baodeus1200d ago


I think u need to take some pain medication, cant believe people are actually hurting this bad over this. 😒

christocolus1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )


It isntr surprising to find him here all buthurt. This guy and a couple others have been downplaying this tech since 2013 and now it seems they all have big bowls of crow all to themselves. I hope they enjoy it.

freshslicepizza1200d ago

does this game really look like the same thing? the future of this game is also unknown at this time and sony sold off s.o.e.

meanthyme1200d ago

Stop crying so much about xbox, it makes you come across as a whiny spoilt infant.

Professor_K1200d ago

It looks nice and all but not on the same level bro

You keep using that video but you just dont seem to get it

MCTJim1200d ago

Is Sony paying you Overtime to work on damage control on the weekends?

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UKmilitia1201d ago

actually some people did moan.

trywizardo1201d ago

of course , imagine if you can do that in SP , just destroy everything and credits will roll xD

Rookie_Monster1201d ago

It is cool. A proper beta will offer stress test and make this game as good as it can be before release. Can't wait for ultimate destruction next Jun via the power of the clouds!

IamTylerDurden11201d ago

I was surprised that a game that "harnesses the power of 20 xbones" didn't look a little more spectacular graphically.

They need a beta, the footage i saw had player animation issues where it looked choppy and the feet didn't match the movement, as if the player was floating instead of actually moving properly.

This game looks fun, i liked the 1st crackdown. This reminds me of Red Faction Guerrilla, similar technically.

slate911201d ago

This game is the first of its kind. No tech is "similar." This is a revolution if it all pans out as its supposed to. This was the vision when they built xbox one. Just imagine this in gears, halo, etc

n4rc1201d ago

its also still a year away

Mystogan1201d ago

The animations looked just like Crackdown 1 and 2. I thought it looked fine. People would flip if they changed the gameplay too much.

And no Red Faction is not even close to this.

Hercules1891201d ago

They can only take cell shading to the point where it can't be improvable. The cgi cinematics they showed was in a different art style, so unless they change art styles it will never look like that even in 30 years from now. But technically this game looks good enough to stand on its own. The lighting and the reflections look good.

n4rc1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

i absolutely love this site... 3 disagrees for stating a blatant fact that is undeniable..

oh.. but look... they try to anyways.. lol

Professor_K1200d ago

^ opnion*

love it when this site gets it confused with a "Fact"

n4rc1200d ago

oh im sorry.. does the official release date of the game strike you as an opinion?

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InTheZoneAC1201d ago

I thought it was obvious the destruction was MP only anyway

It uses the cloud, obviously there'd be an issue with the game or it would be severely boring if you couldn't destroy the environment offline...

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