Is FIFA a Rip-Off?

With FIFA 16 just around the corner, I tackle the age-old question: is FIFA a rip off?

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SaveFerris1199d ago

The same question should be asked of any sports title (NHL, Madden. Pro Evo, etc.)
It doesn't really matter since gamers will vote with their wallets and make it a top seller nearly every time.

Jakface1198d ago

That is indeed the problem, it's a shame that gamers settle for such small updates (myself included). I'm very much afraid this is a downwards spiral, eventually EA/Konami will produce a pretty much perfect football game and then - until more powerful machines become commercial - we will be stuck in an infinite loop

Mystogan1197d ago

Why don't these bastards just start releasing it as DLC for like $30. And then every three years when you can actually see the difference they release a new full game. That's consumer friendly and maybe even more people might buy their games. Releasing a game yearly with 2 or three changes and no graphical upgrade or whatsoever is very scumbaggy. But as long as people are going to pay for it they aren't going to stop. I really wonder how people don't see this yet. I'm not saying they should stop buying the game but don't buy it every damn year. Buy it once every two or three years. Maybe then EA might listen.

Ulf1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Yes, it is!

FIFA is a total ripoff of this game we call "soccer" here in the US. Even the balls and player hairstyles look the same.

Then they go all fictional with it, where soccer is some sorta popular sport all over the world, and fills entire stadiums and stuff, though. All that snazzy hair, and guys wearing shorts and sporty shirts.. yeah pretty wierd. They even have the gall to call it "football", which is clearly another, much more American, sport altogether, where huge manly men smash heads together and generally behave in a much more civil manner.

Well whatever. If you want football, buy Madden as usual. If you want wierd fiction, buy a JRPG, or this game I guess.


Jakface1198d ago

I genuinely laughed at this!

Fro_xoxo1198d ago

You're only asking this question now? lol

Hefty price tags every year..

Jakface1198d ago

Well I've never had the chance to ask it before, so yes.

Mystogan1197d ago

Short answer : YES!

Long answer : Absofuckinglutely!