Addicted to Too Human - Camera & Combat "too good for the cynics..."

XboxOZ360 writes:

"I've played the demo upwards of 10 hours. Not the full game. The demo! What makes that even more outrageous is the fact I hated or at least was indifferent to my first hour with it. But then on my second playthrough things started to click, and by my third somehow Silicon Knights had put a needle in my arm and I've been addicted ever since. And apparently I'm not the only one...

The purpose of this three-part article is to seek forgiveness for my earlier judgements in far greater detail. My failure was to judge a book by its cover, and by what misinformed others were saying, rather than by the contents within..."

Part One covers the Camera and Combat where the author claims:

"The camera wasn't the problem, it was me... Diablo, God of War and Skate (I'll explain later), never let me control a completely free roam camera either, and yet all were excellent titles in their own right and as such make any complaints here seem superficial."

"It was like one minute I was playing Fight Night as a button masher, and then the next minute I'd been exposed to a wonderful world of complexity hidden in the right analogue stick, full of various jabs, hooks, uppercuts, parries and haymakers."

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leeeeed3705d ago

I'll actually download the demo :P

read disc error3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

you will be pleasently surprised. it's so obvious after playing the demo a couple times that many journalists just have it out for denis dyack because of the neogaf forum fiasco. Eurogamer and edge seem to be the harshest. The eurogamer mod went WAAAAAAAY overboard though so it's apparent that Dyack did his girlfriend or peed in his cereal or something.

This is just a flat out good game. so close to almost being a AAA title that it hurts. This game is something that has never been done before-- an action game with moves on par with Ninja Gaiden combined with a dungeon crawler with loot and customization on par with Diablo.

morganfell3705d ago

Download it now? They changed the demo? And that comparison to Diablo was lame. Diablo is still on my PC and I never had an incident of the camera a facing the wall while I was trying to save my neck.

read disc error3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

then change the camera to the isometric view so the gameplay resembles diablo. or you could hit the left bumper and the camera will reset right behind you. see how easy. you're another hardcore sony fanboy and I doubt you played this game. please give me a list of xbox 360 games you actually like.


Too Human is one of our last hopes for RPGS, you say? rofl. you do know that fable 2, tales of vesperia, last remnant, star ocean, infinite undiscovery, FF13, Huxley, champions online, and fallout 3 are all coming out on the 360 don't you? honestly, i was not expecting to like this game but the demo won me over.

your picture proves nothing. who says it is yours. list off the games you like on the 360 then.

morganfell3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

There are too many times when you have no control. The AI is atrocious, the level design moronic, upgrade system convoluted. The game is a mess. I know it is one of your last hopes. I wanted it to be good way back when it was cyberpunk before they cut the soul out of the game and drank too many Kroner beers.

And oh, just for you and some of your desperate friends below:

Edit: BTW, I shouldn't have to avoid using a game feature just to see what I am doing. If the camera only functions correctly in isometric then that is the only view that should be in the game. You don't give someone a feature and say here don't use it though because it is broken. The issue here is denial, denial, denial and you guys are knee deep in the old grand river of Africa.

Superfragilistic3705d ago

*Looks at morganfells pic and unsure whether it's legit, he no less reads the "yes I have a 360" and can't help but think... "yes you have hairy arms!*

If it's truly yours nice TV btw. ;)

Anyways that "I know it is one of you last hopes" is silly, I've got enough problems playing all the quality titles already out, to be worried about all the awesome games in the near future. :)

morganfell3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

As for the Xbox games I like lets see. Do you mean Xbox or 360? Because unlike the PS2 the Xbox is just dead. I still have some of those games too though. I have 360 games. Even HALO Legendary. Need a picture of the Helmet too?

EDIT: Yes that is mine. The TV is a 52in XBR. 360 on oneside, PS3 on the other, and Wii in the center. Not that I ever turn that useless Wii on.

Here is what people are missing. I wanted Too Human to be good. But it just isn't. I am quite unhappy that SK took what could have been a good game and gutted it. Then when they had tech issues they attacked Epic and the entire world for their woes. It was everyone's fault but SK's. Whenever I see an incident like that and the central party tries to come off guilt free I shake my head.

@Obama. I too still have Diablo on my PC and I have never had the camera suddenly face a wall when I was trying to save my own skin.

One more EDIT: A game can be on and off for years and still come out okay. Prey wasn't groundbreaking but it was okay.

On the other hand, they made an abortion out of Perfect Dark. They ruined that game and hurt the franchise for years. I have Greg Rucka's books. They should have read them. Joanna Dark is in a very gritty dark world and fighting for her life against a meglomaniacal corporation. Too bad they missed that. I still have that game though. Couldn't bring myself to get rid of it.

Obama3705d ago

hey I still play diablo 2 XD. Too human is nothing compared to this legendary game.

xm15e2s3705d ago

I had pretty much zero interest in this game before playing the demo.
Since then I have played the demo about 10 or 15 times. It is pure awesome and I can't wait for the full game.

I also agree that gaming journalists have let their dislike for Denis Dyack cloud their judgement when it comes to his game. They are very transparent.
Once you get used to the camera and the combat, the game becomes increasingly addicting. The claims that this game is fatally flawed are complete nonsense.

Atomic3705d ago

please don't , it's a waste of bandwidth.

green3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Well the demo hangs on to the number 8 spot on xbox live for a second week running.Only dropping one spot in the past week.

And this does not taking into account the number of people disconnecting from live to play as the other classes.

If the online popularity translates to sales, then Deenis Dyack will be one happy man..

morganfell3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

read disc error, did I use the word RPG? Did I? You work just like MS and really know how to lie. The best lies are the truth told with a slant. Mattrick and Greenberg keep screwing that part up and just tell lies that make them look silly.

But MS has very few angles left to play. The EA news is a huge spiked club to the head.

I think you saw something there that I didn't write. RPG, Pffft. I think your brain has a read disk error. And you, well you have an ignore button under your name. Let's press it and see if it doesn't make my life better. Hmmm...why yes it does. Nice talking to you...not.

BTW, playing the demo and forking over $59 when Mercenaries is right around the corner are two different things.

The Lazy One3705d ago

The number of PS3's has more than doubled. What do you expect the sales of it's games to do? fall?

BREAKING NEWS: "The Sky is blue. Microsoft destruction imminent"

green3705d ago

And what does mercenaries 2 have to do with Too Human?

None of my real friends on my friends list are buying mercenaries 2 but we are all buying Too Human.

If you don't like the game fine.No game can appeal to everyone.

Snukadaman3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

First time I did play the demo i was really quite bored...since the last time I played the demo it took me 1 hour and 24 minutes to come to the end of the demo...I was angry it ended and deleted the thing off my hdd...I did not know there were sniper rifles and other stuff in the thing I will say is either use the far away camera or the dynamic one and things will go quite smoothly.
Yes i did. it was a rifle of something cant remember the name but i could not use it until a higher level.

green3705d ago

Did you say there are sniper rifles in Too Human?

Tacki3705d ago

"This is just a flat out good game. so close to almost being a AAA title that it hurts. This game is something that has never been done before-- an action game with moves on par with Ninja Gaiden combined with a dungeon crawler with loot and customization on par with Diablo."

WTF?! Ok, dude... if you like the game that's fine. But saying it's an action game with moves on par with Ninja Gaiden? That's absolutely ridiculous. Like I said if you enjoy the game that's good for you... but don't go saying such absurd things.

WIIIS13705d ago

I enjoyed the demo of Too Human. It might not be the best looking game, but it certainly is a lot of fun and that is what matters. Some people wish it will flop like PS3 games flop and are already desperately making declarations to that effect, but I don't think that is going to happen.

Fox013705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Everyone I know keep saying the same thing : "I hated the demo on the first playthrough, but go addicted after the second...".

considering this, I might re-download the demo and give it a better chance this time.

plenty a tool3704d ago

---------> open zone i that way! troll along with the other saddos in there.

[email protected] you are without doubt the bitterest fanboy on n4g. just looking at your previous bitter rants is enough to see that you dont own a 360, and are a sony fanboy through and and atomic both minus a bubble.

anyway, i've played the demo atleast 5 times, and have to say that it's a great game. i was apprehensive after what are now most definately nothing more than over harsh previews for whatever reason.

a great game, looks pretty decent, and has co-op to one purchase. plenty of my friends are all picking this up aswell.

morganfell3704d ago

Along with the ignore button tool, let me point something out to you:

The EA news is a spiked club to the head because despite being 6 million consoles and a year ahead in sales the PS3 sales had a 139 to 81 lead. By the end of the calendar year there will be over 20 million PS3s out there and the damage and gap will only get worse.

Montrealien3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

So in conclusion Morgan likes the PS3 hates Too Human and has a damn sexy TV with all current gen consoles. I can accept and respect that. ;D

on topic

It`s nice to see this game is getting more positive previews, not everyone will like it, but I think that is normal. It clearly does not have mass appeal. There`s nothing wrong with that, and it definitely does not mean it is a bad game. If people where expecting the end all and be all of games was going to be disappointed no matter what.

Nevers3704d ago

at first... but then it really grows on you. I was really stoked for this game for the longest time, and when I first played the demo, I was somewhat indifferent; but I still liked their concept of the "joy-stick combat". And then I played it again... and again... I still haven't had the time to look up how to unlock the other classes but i heard they'll just unlock over time. I'm gonna play this again and again and again until the actual game comes out and then I'll buy day one... got my preorder in now. When I'm able to co-op with my buds it'll merely add to the bad-ass effect this game has.

Thank you, and good night.

dcbronco3704d ago

Can you or any other person tell me which PS3 titles outsold the 360 counterparts that went into making up that difference in income. I don't seem to remember a EA title that outsold a Xbox version. And I don't remember a title that was only on the PS3 from EA that could have made that much of a difference. That said, the number released don't add up.

morganfell3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Why are you asking me? Why don't you ask EA. You may not be aware of this but those are EA's numbers, not mine.

@Montrealien, you have no idea how big a HALO Fanboy I am. :P Seriously.

Montrealien3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

hehe, noticed the Halo lmt 360.

gololo3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

im a soccer fan and I think fifa08 in ps3 outsold the 360 version by 200k (and fifa is one of EA's biggest franchises)

Whoever disagreed, can you point me into the direction to a reliable source that have the numbers? cuz if you disagree, then you must have a source, no?

Omniphobe3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

I'm pretty sure the PS3 version of Fifa 08 outsold the 360 version cause most Americans don't care for soccer games, and PS3s are outselling the 360 in Europe and I think they love soccer.

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Superfragilistic3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Good point bout the camera, I felt mostly the same way. And the combat is a lot of fun once you properly understand it

But whilst you can argue FOR/AGAINST regarding the camera & combat, I'll be very interested to see what he has to say about the graphics, cause they really are lacking in places...

Although he did say he "decided Gears 2 would always look better"... No Sh!t Sherlock! ;) lolz

read disc error3705d ago

of course, gears of war 2 looks better than this game. it looks better than any console game this year.

The Lazy One3705d ago

killzone 2 is it's only real competition. (quick edit: and it's not coming out this year)

Gears 2 does everything right that Gears did wrong. My favorite quote from clifford in E3 was the quote pretty much saying that they realized that color is good. I literally shat a brick and simultaneously screamed thank god someone gets it. Apparently Ubi gets it too after seeing PoP.

Superfragilistic3705d ago

Yeah I think he's just pointing out it's not a game for the graphics whores which some may have been led to beleive (me included)... and PoP's art style is amazing! :)

gaminoz3704d ago

I've only played it once so far, but enjoyed it without being 'wowed'. I have yet to try the other classes but I do wonder if casual-style gamers will get into trying to work out level ups and equipment menus as well as camera angles....

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PwnShop3705d ago

A well thought out article. I'm glad that some videogame critic out there didn't judge a game by initial impressions and took time to understand some of the games new features such as the new control and camera scheme.

Immortal Kaim3705d ago

True, that doesn't really happen nowadays does it? Gamers tend to play for instant gratification, if this isn't satisfied, they move onto the next title. Seems this game has more depth than first thought.

masterofpwnage3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

this game sux camera sux and the combat.

i got a 360 downloaded it. deleted it. waste of space

they wasted 10 years of there life time and should of canceled that game

read disc error3705d ago

this guy is a total sony fanboy! read his past comments for a good laugh if you want...however, it's only funny in the way that someone tripping over their own feet is funny.

sure, you have a 360. sure, you played Too Human, suuuuuuuuure....

Immortal Kaim3705d ago

Troll :)

You don't really have a 360, do you?

masterofpwnage3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

yeah i have a 360 i have halo 3 and LO.
i still didnt beat LO
im in the part were u get the queen i think her name is ming of numara boat, but rite im doing the side quest i just got sed ultimate weapon and im trying to get the prince

and i rented Mass effect.

my favorite part was in the end wen u think he is dead but actually he is alive and i hated the part wen u have to choose which comrad u leave to die off i pick that one girl because she was a ass to u in the beggining

but yeah i got a 360

LO, mass effect good game

but this shiit is crap. it fukin sux. this game will fail just like wat my 360 did to me 3 times playing Mass effect and LO

so u believe me now.

Vecta3705d ago

No not really, not hard to look up a games story on Gamefaqs.

masterofpwnage3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

just look at the time i commented them back not so long. wat else do i have to say.

that in Saint rows and LO u have to pick a hardware for some reason to load ur file every time u play.

its that enough proof.

face it this game sux ass.

i would rather play laggy halo 3 then these and trust me wen i played halo 3, that shiit lagged

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