Blues and Bullets Episode 1 Review - Gritty Noir Mystery with a Touch of Dark Humour | COG

COG writes - Step into the shoes of 'The Untouchables' inspiration, Eliot Ness. Now retired, a string of disappearances and an old nemesis are enough to drag him back into the seedy underbelly of his city, Santa Esperanza.

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MRBIGCAT1198d ago

This looks interesting. Wonder if this will come to consoles.

Digital_Anomaly1198d ago

Research, son! It will soon be coming to the Xbox One console!

MRBIGCAT1198d ago

Haha, you're implying I care enough about this to research it. You funny guy you.

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1198d ago

Every time I see interesting games like this forbPC I wanna get a gaming PC..... :-s

Paulhammer1198d ago

Dark humour is my jam. I'm on board

generalwinter1198d ago

Dark, gritty noir .... Sign me up!