Exclusive Envy – Microsoft gamescom 2015

In this episode of Exclusive Envy, PlayStation LifeStyle takes a look at Microsoft’s impressive gamescom 2015 showing, and what they want out of it.

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TheGreatGamer1201d ago

Will never understand why some fanboys (whether they side with ps4, pc, wii u or xbox one) try to downplay exclusive games on other platforms because of jealousy. It's ok to admire games not coming to your platform without downplaying them

MasterCornholio1201d ago

I admire exclusives on other platforms. But i hate it when people tell me that my system doesnt have any games or that i only bought it due to hype.

TheGreatGamer1201d ago

Don't we all, those people are always going to spew that same crap though even if the fact is all consoles have a good size collection of games thus far

Enate1201d ago

A lot of people get seem to get confused with not caring about a particular exclusive mixed up with. Automatically associating it with being jealous or butt hurt because you don't share their enthusiasm for the same titles. Just because I don't particularly like what I see from a particular title doesn't mean I'm downplaying it I just don't want said game.

jb2271200d ago

Is it possible to not be impressed by a game without being "jealous"? At the end of the day the consoles service different crowds...Quantum Break looks absolutely amazing but I don't really dig Crackdown because I'm not an mp gamer and considering the campaign is being developed by a different dev, it doesn't seem like a huge focus is being put on it. I'm not sold on Scalebound yet either because it looks like fun but not necessarily anything mind blowing for me at this point....I guess my reasons & personal opinions are absolutely wrong though and I'm just being jealous....could never be that I'm genuinely not excited about a title based off of gameplay shown.

Fro_xoxo1201d ago

I'd be jealous of those titles too.. f^ck.

I don't have to be since I own XO.

I... can't feel my .. face.

SEM7ONE1201d ago

what ever console u may have it is clear that this holiday belongs to XBOX cmonnnnnn! what an amazing time to be a gamer!

Enate1200d ago

That statement is SUBJECTIVE so for you and anyone that agrees with you it rings true.


Great take on the press event