Tom Clancy’s The Division PvP Will Definitely Feature More Than 9 Players at a Time

Tom Clancy’s The Division was featured at E3 2015 and the demo that was available to play had 3 groups of 3 players competing against each other in the PvP area called Dark Zone. Now they confirm there will be more than that when the game launches.

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Player1241199d ago

This game is on my must-buy list for quite a time now.

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Mostafeto1199d ago

I was starting to think all we will get is only 9 players divided into groups of 3 against each other and that's it. This makes the game better. I can't wait to see how many players they can fit into the Dark Zone.

TheGreatGamer1199d ago

Just hope this game doesn't get repetitive, the concept looks really cool but I wonder if they should've focused on a full-fledged story campaign

Player1241199d ago

A game like this should have one hell of a campaign.

objdadon1199d ago

Every game gets repetitive at some point. The only thing that matters is if it is fun to play, and continue playing.