Firmware 2.42 optimizes Trophies to load faster

A mysterious firmware update, firmware 2.42, has just gone live.


It appears that the Trophies have been optimized and are loading much quicker now.

Update #2

Official word from Sony: "This update improves the playback quality of some PLAYSTATION 3 and PlayStation format software."

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jamilion3675d ago

Snake..... SNAke...... SNAKE!!!!!
lol, mabey we should call octacon he could help us!

Amanosenpai3675d ago

A whole update for... that... come on Sony what a waste of bandwidth.

Tarasque3674d ago

Sweet an update for the update.


It has fine tuned the in-game-xmb access as well/ all areas in general really.

gaffyh3674d ago

Seems like a fine tuning update, Sony seems to do that quite a lot nowadays.

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Jpinter3675d ago

The new firmware makes the trophy section load much faster on the XMB

Real gamer 4 life3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Yea i noticed that too.
the in game xmb also loads the icon faster now.

superflyguy3674d ago

That it Fixed the problem in Battlefield: Bad Company. It used to restart everytime I quit out of the game during an online match but now that's gone.

cl63AMG3674d ago

too bad i don't have any trophies :(

ravinash3674d ago

Great that the Trophies has been improved, but can we please have more games that use them.
I feel I have to hold off playing anything otherwise I miss out on any trophies I earned.

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Silogon3675d ago

Man this sure was needed, what with only 1 gaming supporting them and all. Thumbs up Sony!

PoSTedUP3675d ago

its a start... is it not?

Playstation Man3675d ago

I mean, what a travesty that a Hardware manufacturer is actually making their hardware and OS run properly. I mean, what company wouldn't in such a position? You'd think that if they were having hardware reliability issues, they'd fix it immediately right?

The point being, as minute as this is, Sony is fixing it ASAP. GOOD FOR THEM, stop fanboying about nothing Silogon!

juuken3675d ago

Just when I thought you were getting better, you post this nonsense.
Silogon, be happy for once. This is a good update because it makes the XMB faster.

Dacapn3674d ago

It's funny. You folks act like there ISN'T one game supported right now.

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dro3675d ago

now can we get the update for uncharted trophies a little bit early sony. plssss ;D

[email protected]3675d ago

On less that a month will be ur =P. Patience boy, Patience.

Playstation Man3675d ago

This got approved? Can you say duplicate...I mean, really guys, why was this necessary?


Playstation Man3675d ago

Being part of a great community like N4G (i mean that) I just don't like seeing spam or anything eating it up ya know?

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