Sony's New PS4 Mobile Projector Costs As Much As The Console

Sony hasn’t had a terribly large presence at Gamescom this year, certainly not at the level of Microsoft MSFT -0.71% which actually had a full-on stage show earlier in the week. But they have debuted one interesting new piece of tech for the PS4 which could almost work as a quasi-answer to Microsoft’s new Windows 10-to-Xbox One streaming functionality.

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johndoe112111225d ago

"Sony hasn’t had a terribly large presence at Gamescom this year, certainly not at the level of Microsoft MSFT -0.71% which actually had a full-on stage show earlier in the week."

Does anyone else see a serious problem with this statement?

Death1225d ago

Sony had a very large booth but very small presence due to the lack of an actual show. They will be attending Paris Games Week for a show instead. Microsoft will be absent from PGW since they did their show at Gamescom.

johndoe112111225d ago

Your comment made absolutely no sense. A company's presence at gamescom has nothing to do with them having a conference. Gamescom is 5 days long and you're trying to tell me that even though sony had the largest booths there they had a small presence because they didn't hold an hour and a half press event? Are yo saying that without that press event the thousands of people visiting gamescom would not know sony was there? I can't even...............

Death1225d ago

I'm not sure what you aren't understanding John. There was very little media coverage and talk about Sony's showing at Gamescom. Without the Press Conference Sony was limited to the people walking the Gamescom floor. This reduced their presence to everyone outside the show. If you were there I can see why you are confused. I'm sure it was a blast to go to.

johndoe112111225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )


Presence has nothing to do with media coverage. I don't get what's so hard to understand? Let me put this another way. If I own 5 computers and one day I decide to hold a yard sale and sell them all, I take 4 of them and put them in front of my house, 1 for $300, 1 for $350, 1 for $400 and one for $500 but I keep my alienware desktop for $3500 inside.

Now, I decide that only certain people who I personally invite gets to see and bid on the alienware, the rest of the general public only sees the the ones on my lawn. Are you telling me that because 90% of the people that visit my house only see the PC's on my lawn that the most expensive PC I own is worth $500?

The fact is the most expensive pc I own cost $3500 regardless of how many people actually know I have it. Sony's presence at gamescom has nothing to do with how much media coverage they got. They had the biggest booths so they had the largest presence, no matter how you try to spin this. Perception is necessarily fact. You cannot interchange the words presence and coverage, that's not how it works. And you cannot interchange the words perception and reality.

Death1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Using your analogy the Alienware would have had the least presence since less people were able to see it. No one is denying Sony had people and product at Gamescom. They had no press conference and made no announcements though. Without these they had almost no media coverage. Not many people know what was there since they weren't there to see it. Sony didn't tell anyone that didn't attend either. I honestly don't know how big their area was since I couldn't see it. I hear it was pretty big. I'm a little surprised you still believe they had more of a presence without a press conference or media coverage. I admire your stubbornness, lesser men would have looked at the facts and agreed.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1225d ago

john doe that is the WORST analogy I have EVER seen in my life lol. How the hell do you have so many agrees? He's not even disagreeing with you and you're making no sense! Sony's presence was minimized to those attending the show. So much that since I cannot attend, I have ZERO knowledge of what they're showing off. Microsoft on the other hand had a conference and I know what they showed. What exactly are you arguing? Your band of disagreers can go on a rampage but you're still grasping for straws and arguing just to argue.

johndoe112111225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )


"He's not even disagreeing with you"

The fact that you made that statement shows that you are clueless about everything everyone is saying here so I really don't think you should get involved in this. This conversation (and apparently the english language also) is a little above your level of understanding.

"Using your analogy the Alienware would have had the least presence since less people were able to see it."

My analogy was used to show the difference between perception and reality, not presence and coverage because I can assure you that sony's booths probably had the most visitors due to them having the most platforms, accessories, and games to show.

Bzone241225d ago


It's positive towards Sony. That will always get you agrees and bubbles.

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TheGreatGamer1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

By no means can anyone say Sony didn't have a presence at Gamescom but the lack of a media conference means they don't reach millions of fans around the world and they don't enjoy the same level of news coverage that Microsoft is getting but having said that, it's a bit off topic for this post

johndoe112111225d ago

There is a big difference between sony not having a lot of media coverage from gamescom and them not having a large presence at gamescom. Those are two completely different and separate issues. You cannot merge one with the other.

MasterCornholio1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Well Sony will have their chance to get coverage at PSX, TGS and PGS. Cant imagine the millions of gamers that will enjoy those conferences.


Well its true.

TheGreatGamer1225d ago

Well I must say I disagree. I think you're confusing presence with 'large' presence.

johndoe112111225d ago

Sony had the largest booths, therefore they had the largest presence. They may not have had the largest media coverage but they had the largest presence at Gamescom. I don't get why it's so hard to understand that it's not bloody rocket science, it's plain and simple logic.

Death1225d ago


You claim Sony had the largest presence yet they had no press conference and close to no media coverage. No one is talking about Sony at Gamescom either other than saying they didn't show. We can all agree they sent people to the show and possibly had the biggest exhibit, but Sony themselves said they are waiting until Paris Games Week for their press conference and announcements.

Spotie1225d ago

You guys are hilarious.

When you have a presence AT a place, that means exactly what it says. Sony had the largest presence of anybody at Gamescom. Having a conference or not doesn't change that. That's why it's called presence: how much you have to PRESENT.

Would you say Microsoft had the largest presence if all they had was a conference with no booths?

lemoncake1225d ago

"Microsoft MSFT -0.71%". Random

Brotard1225d ago

Its common practice in reporting to put a companies stock ticker in the article

Yetter1224d ago

Its a forbes article, they do this when they mention any company

OB1Biker1225d ago

Doesnt make sense to me, even just 'terribly large presence' sounds weird

Yetter1224d ago

There are 400000 that attend gamescom, for them Sony was present, but there are millions who watch gamescom coverage, for them, Sony was absent

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Death1225d ago

I'm less concerned with the price than I am with the Lumens. 32 Lumens is extremely low for a projector. There are many small projectors for half the price with a couple thousand more Lumens. They aren't as compact, but they will not look washed out once they hit the screen or wall. Resolution isn't as much of an issue as people will make since the low lumens and lack of a quality screen will kill any kind of high resolution image anyway. The wireless streaming is definitely a plus.

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uth111225d ago

Why market it as a Playstation device at all? It's a nice compact projector for travelling with anything with an HDMI port

MattyF1225d ago

It isn't being marketed as a PS device. It's a portable projector that you can use on a PS4. It isn't a PS Portable Projector or anything like that.

uth111225d ago

ok, all these stupid articles make it sound like it's a PS4 peripheral!

XanderZane1225d ago

The projector is made by Sony. Maybe that's why they think Sony is marketing as a device for the PS4.

Antifan1225d ago

That's why it's important to read the article and not just the title.

vongruetz1225d ago

It's not being marketed as a PlayStation device, and I'm really confused as to why sites are reporting that it is. It's a portable Sony projector. It has nothing to do with the PS4 at all.

joeorc1225d ago

Exactly, its like they did not know why Sony showed off this "Pico Projector" working with a PS4?

A) unlike most Pico Projectors the use DLP and the resolution us SD..

B) is lazer means if its projected to 40" or 120" the DLP focus falter to have a sharper image, the laser generation ones like in this counter act such problems.

C) they are priced in the same ballpark as the other laser generated pico projectors..which are $400.00 to $500.00

This is not a accessory just for the PS4 its made for mobile devices mainly, the test with the PS4 was used to show the HD resolution on a Pico projectors..Pico projectors and living room Projectors are not made for the same market. That's not what a Pico projector is for.

Its a pocket HD image display that you can take has a use not just tied to gaming, this can be used with a Xbox one if you wanted to.

Its real use would be once larger adoption of the Mobile TV HD tuner for smartphones and tablets hit the market..hook you phone up to it not is a HDTv any can run 2 hours on battery, so with acphone getting in the future Playstation Now, Playstation Vue, you could take your living room HD TV anywhere..yes its 720p but its still a 40" up to 120" 720p HD projection.

Gority1225d ago

Yeah, they are using the popularity of the PS4 to show it off and people aren't really reporting on it properly. Maybe Sony is doing a bad job of not letting people know this isn't a gaming accessory.