Should We Be Excited Or Worried About Final Fantasy XV?

Right now, Final Fantasy XV is set to release sometime next year. The wait is almost over -- but is that a cause for celebration, or alarm?

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kalkano1110d ago

I just want it to get out of the way, so we can see what XVI will be like.

Voltech441109d ago

I second that. I'm worried that XV will be plagued by the l'Cie/fal'Cie stuff that crippled the XIII games/Type-0 (IMO), but even if it is there? XVI has a perfect chance to start over. All the way over. No baggage, no expectations.

Guess we'll find out twenty years from now. ;)

Irishguy951108d ago

Lcie/falcie stuff wasn't the problem with XIII. The main creator was the problem.

Type 0 also had Fal cie and Lcie and it was fine.

justinprince1110d ago

10 year production cycle, dramatic shifts in direction... I worry that after a decade of waiting it'll be a letdown like 13.

Voltech441109d ago

Very possible. But maybe a miracle will happen, and one of those directorial shifts will make XV amazing. Who knows?

Eiyuuou1109d ago

In the worst case scenario, it'll still be better than XIII... No Hope and Vanille in XV! :p

PhoenixUp1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

We should be worried about how long it takes to develop a mainline Final Fantasy game

FFXII: 2000-2006
FFXIII: 2004-2009
FFXIV: 2005-2010
FFXV: 2006-2016

Its takes anywhere from 5, 6 or even 10 years to develop modern mainline FF games. This will only increase with each further installment because the production values of each game has to traditionally outdo the game it precedes.

Imagine how long it'll take to develop FFXVI. Only the sequels to mainline games get relevatively short development time because they reuse various assets instead of building everything from scratch.

It makes Dragon Quest really the polar opposite. DQXI, a mainline title, got announced this year and is expected next year. Such a thing is unheard of for Final Fañtasy.

Voltech441109d ago

Man, I didn't know the turnaround for DQ was going to be that fast. Well, I guess they've been working on it for a while and only just showed it off, but there's a lesson in there that the FF guys could stand to learn, huh?