GamesBeat: Nyko DataBank is a worthwhile accessory even if you have plenty of PS4 hard drive space

You have to give console manufacturers credit when it comes to making a decision on hard drive capacity. They try to give us something that is both affordable and practical for the average player’s needs.

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ColManischewitz1142d ago

The PS4 only reads 2TB in a drive?

Crazyglues1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Who is really buying this thing, are you serious.. 140 total... LoL (100 for drive 40 bucks for this junk)

Ok first things first.. --This makes your PS4 look ugly as hell...

Two - it's $40 bucks for a hard-drive holder- LoL

Three - Did you know you can just buy a 2TB hard-drive that fits in your PS4 for 95 bucks -

/ Or get a 1TB for $60 bucks, this one also fits in your PS4 -

Seriously people don't do this to yourself

uth111142d ago

it's for people who value space about aesthetics. And there are people like that out there.

jmc88881142d ago

You can actually get drives for cheaper sometimes. Got a 2TB one last year for $89.99 at newegg.

KwietStorm1142d ago

I think you completely miss the point.

morganfell1142d ago

No. The PS4 can read and use larger HDDs. You can use a larger HDD, 6TB, 8TB, 12TB...but if you use anything over 2TB you cannot utilize the Sleep/Resume feature.

porkChop1142d ago

No thanks. I got myself a 2TB 2.5" drive for a good price, without making my PS4 look ridiculous.

midnightambler1142d ago

That is one ugly looking add-on. It's like the Mega CD all over again.

Live_Larry1142d ago

Lol... Storage device is worthwhile even if you don't need any additional storage?

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SirGarrick1142d ago

Can someone clear this up for me, please?

-What exactly is the point of this thing?

To save a couple dollars by getting a 3.5 instead of a 2.5?
But then you have to pay the $40 for it, so add that to the cost of a 3.5, and isnt that pretty much a 2.5 price....?

Plus still having to go through opening the PS4 and removing the drive anyways? Meh.

I can see if you have several HD's that you swap regularly (multiple users, maybe?) that it would be handy to easily switch HD's without opening the system every time...

But still, I'd rather just invest a couple dollars more and get a 2.5 that doesnt bulk up my sleek system.

And that Nyko writing stands out like crazy. Not even the PS4 logo is so obvious.

KwietStorm1142d ago

Why are people so worried about the looks? The PS4 does what it's supposed to do regardless of what it looks like.