Project CARS - Patch 3.0 Release Notes Unveiled, Will Enhance Telemetry Tyre Info & Weather System

Slightly Mad Studios is currently working on a new patch for Project CARS, and has just revealed its changelog.

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reallyNow1197d ago

the reason i uninstalled this game: the tracks are polygonal as ****. You'll lose traction because you're literally bouncing. This hasnt been a problem for any other racer since Gran Turismo 2. I REALLY, REALLY, like the realism in this game, sucks that they cant figure out how to make a road.

Dasteru1197d ago

They actually made the roads perfectly. All the tracks are laser scanned from the real world, just like in IRacing. Not sure what kind of crazy stunt driving you are doing to be bouncing on the tracks.

reallyNow1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Take for instance a hill. The top of the hills have the profile of a stop sign. If you pay attention you can see your suspension bouncing over the poorly rendered track. I'm not saying the turns, elevations, and general graphics are broken, I'm saying the track isn't smooth. It's very, very polygonal. It would be fine if the physics wasn't attached to the polygons, but for whatever reason that's not what they did. It's pretty old school in that regard.

OR maybe its intentional? Maybe they wen't overboard on bumpy roads? It's game breaking to me.

mcstorm1197d ago

Dose this game work on the Xbox one yet not played it in months as it was unplayable at time and just never looked at going back to it.