Nintendo Can't Afford to Screw Up With The Nintendo NX

OnlySP: For me, Nintendo has been so much more than just a game publisher and developer. It’s been a part of the family. It introduced me to this pastime back in the late 80’s when I, first, spent far too much time at friends’ houses eating their food and playing their video games and then, later, eagerly tore the gift wrap off my very own NES. It was one of the few things my father and I – neither of us very close – bonded over and my fondest memories of the man are playing various Mario Brothers games with him.

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filchron1229d ago

I always get disagrees when I suggest this but I dont care anymore. Nintendo used to be pioneers at the forefront of digital presentation in the 90's. Pushing graphics AND gameplay to levels unseen in their competition with every successive generation WAS WHAT MADE NINTENDO. raising the bar of immersion, videogame storytelling and expression were their hallmark! It didnt just make them who they are today (a sad lazy shell of their former selves) it was them every time, all the time.

consider this: Mario 64 was a landmark title because it had not only great gameplay (like Super Mario 3D WORLD) but it also had great ATMOSPHERE: the chill you got when you entered the snow level, The ominous music and sense of peril in the Bowser levels that suggested he could be doing terrible things to Peach if you didnt get to him fast enough. All of those things are JUST NOT THERE in their WiiU titles. In Mario 3D World you're running around colorful low poly, low detail, uninspired terrain with Peach at your side and everybody has catsuits.. WHERES THE ATMOSPHERE you practically defined in the 90's Nintendo? WHERES THE ENTHUSIASM??
That said I hope Nintendo gets back to their hardcore roots of pushing gameplay AND immersion with the release of the Nintendo NX. If they get their act together and release a next-gen Mario title more along the lines of THIS: http://www.hanging-waters.c... http://www.superluigibros.c... and LESS THIS: I'll start waiting in line for the NX Right EFFING Now.

filchron1229d ago

How would not liking cat suits make one a teenager exactly????? Sly?

gangsta_red1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Strongly disagree,

The Wii had Mario Galaxy and in my opinion surpassed Mario 64 in every way shape or form.

I haven't played Mario 3D world but I have seen gameplay and it reminds me of Super Mario World on cocaine. Add in the insanity of co-op and the brilliance of platforming that only Nintendo is known for and it looked like a winner to me.

Say what you want about Nintendo's WiiU but their games always seem to focus on fun. Every title I have seen from them harkens back to the SNES days where tight controls, colorful graphics and just fun was the emphasis, not graphics, resolution and framerate.

The only reason I haven't picked one up yet is because of the lack of support from 3rd party devs and the price is too high just to play their games and their games only.

But if the NX can bring the same high quality 1st party titles and bring in 3rd party dev support I will gladly pick one up. And lets hope it has BC with the WiiU ;)

_-EDMIX-_1229d ago

"The Wii had Mario Galaxy and in my opinion surpassed Mario 64 in every way shape or form"

Can't stop laughing, clearly you've never speedran the game. The top speedrunners in the world sorta disagree.

Galaxy is a downgrade in complexity and controls and gameplay.

You no longer have many movements aka sneek walk, slow walk, normal and run, its just 1 movement of run.

Wall jumping has been nerfed to a single button vs a technique that must be learned and practiced.

And many many more. Over the years, I've seen the Mario games get less and less complex in terms of speedrunning and in terms of difficulty. Galaxy 1 was my last. I didn't get Galaxy 2 as clearly that didn't change (from what I've seen online of speed runs).

Nintendo had a thing years and years ago where they had fun gameplay design, on top of amazing difficulty and complexity almost hidden ironically in a seemly childish game.

Smash Brothers is a great example, Melee was as complex as it gets and many who didn't play it had no clue of just how deep the game's mechanics went. Until you began to destroy them lol, Brawl, like Galaxy continued this nerfing of difficulty.

Many of Nintendo's once complex series are now geared towards the casual, many who don't see the difference clearly don't play them enough or to such an extent that they will ever even see a change, which is fine really.

But those that do see the change and clearly feel it in terms of simplifying the over all game, are very much not pleased with the last couple Mario titles.

That is few though, very few seek to 100% or speedrun the game or play it based on technique etc.

A good example of the control changes.

If you feel it "surpassed" the last titles, clearly your not playing it the same way many are and thats fine, many won't even notice those changes.

I personally don't like downgrades in my games that effect gameplay by nerfing features for casuals. Nintendo was one of the last publishers I would ever even expected at that time to even do that.

gangsta_red1229d ago


"clearly you've never speedran the game."

No...I haven' what?

"The top speedrunners in the world sorta disagree."

Seriously...what point are you trying to make by talking about speedrunners?? When did I even mention or make any types of concerns about speed runs?

"If you feel it "surpassed" the last titles, clearly your not playing it the same way many are and thats fine, many won't even notice those changes."

Yes, which is why I put "in my opinion" just for that very reason.

ChickeyCantor1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

"Can't stop laughing, clearly you've never speedran the game. The top speedrunners in the world sorta disagree. "

you mean speed runners who exploit games glitches and bugs to finish games earlier?

Must be a real deal breaker if you cant skip little planets in each level..

"" Galaxy is a downgrade in complexity and controls and gameplay. "

It's pretty much the exact same game with improvements.

3-4-51229d ago

*Nintendo has enough of a fan base that it just has to be a better offering than the Wii & Wii U, and it will be a success.

* If it's more powerful than PS4, then that solves a lot of complaining and "problems".

* It just has to be noticeably better, and include features that show they are actually listening to the fans.

* Normal controller shipped with every console = Upgraded Wii U Pro controller or Upgraded Gamecube controller.

* At launch there needs to be a ton of must have games.

As long as it's more powerful than the PS4, it will get 3rd party support.

Would also help if it's simple or easy to develop for as well.

NX & Nintendo will be fine I think, but yea they do need to make a nice showing.

filchron1228d ago

It's not just about "power" It's about the approach to the story and how the atmosphere in the games they created used to enhance that story and immersion.

Metallox1229d ago

Very nice points. Super Mario 3D World is what is, not every game necessarily should have the atmosphere you are talking about, 3D World doesn't need it. It's meant to be a simple and minimalistic platformer full of joyfulness, similar to very basic 2D Mario games.

It isn't bad because of that.

It's like saying Isabel Allende's work is bad because it's not as atmospheric and complex as Ruben Darío's one. The first one treats life as it is, her texts are basically life on paper, but the other one always uses elegant, complex, fancy and refined words. And they are still great, both of them.

Because they aren't the same and don't use the same style, the same applies with these games.

Super Mario 3D World has a masterful level design full of richness, novelty and quite complex, just not that "complexity" that so many people desperately try to find in video games. There's a good variety of powers, mechanics and situations full of fun. The controls are excellently adapted, so the game feels like that 2D-3D hybrid that many people talk about.

More importantly, the style. This game is joyfulness, happiness, cheap simplicity, but a good one, full of color and vibrant moments.

But also, the multiplayer. Does 64 have one? Well, no. And this is particularly why 3D World can't be your classic complex Mario game. I have played the co-op mode so many times with cousins and friends and it is... genuinely fun, really fun, works almost perfectly (the camera is terrible though).

Haven't said anything about Mario 64, but you just said it, what you said is what makes that particular game so special, it has a very unique heart.

But at the end of the day, the market leads the industry, and you may be right, maybe Nintendo needs to create more Mario games like SMB3, World and 64 once again, even if I like what they are doing with Mario right now (with New Super Mario Bros. aside, I don't like any of them except from NSMBU).

xfiles20991229d ago

If Nintendo does not get the cool third party games and appeal to the Hardcore gamers with Hardcore exclusives as well as the casuals. This console will fail. They can not go with this kid vibe forever.

wonderfulmonkeyman1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Whenever they try to do something more mature, though, people still ignore them.
Seen the reactions for Devil's Third lately?
If it were coming to either of the other two consoles, you can bet it'd be getting praised more than bashed.
And have we forgotten Bayonetta 2?
The console war soldiers actually boycotted that while having the gall to claim they were fans of the series.

Cosole war soldiers ignore the system's offerings based on the looks of the games.
Actual gamers give the games on Nintendo's systems fair credit, whether they like the systems they're on or not.

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filchron1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

shoot! the pics didnt copy right here they are respectively: http://www.hanging-waters.c...
http://www.superluigibros.c... I cant emphasize how much of a slap in the face that catsuit BS game was for a supposed flagship Mario console title. Ive told you what needs to be done for you to be successful again Nintendo and regain the goodwill of the hardcore gamers, It's up to you to make it happen..

N4g_null1229d ago

This is understandable. The art has more power than the tech. Part of what you said above is incorrect. Nintendo is and never will be about tech for the sake of tech. The nx might actually be less powerful. It might actually be software only for a while. With that being said I'm not sure they can mess up. They will always make profit.

OzzY-waZZy1229d ago

^ Proud supported of cat suits.

N4g_null1229d ago

^ Proud suppoerter of broken games.

This proves my point. Loved that game but not the cat suit. Watch the haters latch on to any thing remotely weak in their games. With that being said you don't play mario bros to be a bad ass.... I already am so why play a game?

See ya in splatoon fool.

filchron1228d ago


q8kik1229d ago

I hope its backward compatible.

I really want to play all of those great Wii u games i missed .

stragomccloud1229d ago

Actually, they /can/ afford another failure. They have crazy amounts of cash. It'd still be stupid for them to screw this up, though.

hemmo19861229d ago

No company can afford failure. If they f##k this one up they will bleed money and investers will scream.

stragomccloud1229d ago

Well it's impossible for them to bleed as much as Sony has been gushing, so I think they'll be all right.

hemmo19861229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Everyone knows what happened to nintendo. They lost their way when they chose cartridge with n64, which lost them third party support eg. Final fantasy went to playstation ect. Than playstation got their oppurtunity. Than they chose to make the gamecube without dvd support, further alienating themselves.

Than they developed the wii, while successful and some good titles it to lost third party support due to lack of power which ment everyone played the wii and then it gathered dust ect. Than the wii u which is again underpowered thus AGAIN losing third part support, plus releasing the wii u with the ps4 and xbone on the horizon only made an underpowered console even less likely to succeed.

Yes u can disagree blah blah but thats all fact. I didn't say nintendo is shite. Just sayimg a great company lost its way. Which is a shame because if nintendo had more third party support i would choose them and their great titles but i aint forking out a few hundred just to play nintendo games as it currently stands.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1229d ago

nope. Wii didn't lose third party support.
It had roughly the same as the GC.

Movieworld1228d ago

Yeah but FIFA ditched it and it didnt have assasins creed and most of the other triple A blockbusters. No streetfighter or mortal kombat either

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Oh I didnt kknow Assassin Creed, Street Fighter and Morkat Kombat was on GC.
OH They werenet.

Do some research.

Although it wasnt Street Fighter. It was Tatsunoko vs Capcom exclusively for the Wii.

mcstorm1229d ago

The Wii never lost 3rd party support as it never got it in terms of games like nfs, cod, and more games that were big on the 360 and ps3. The difference was alot of people pocked the Wii us as it was fun and simple to use. Also look at the sales of the games and you will see a pattern on the 360 and ps3 that the same games yoy were in the top 10 cod, bf, FIFA, NFS, AC and more then look at the Wii's top games and you will sir Mario Galaxy, 1 and 2, Mario Kart, Wii Sports Super Smash Bros etc in the top 10 and this is the difference but this time round the people who got a Wii are not upgrading to a Wiiu as a lot of them have moved to next gen due to the younger Wii gamers now being older and moving onto games like cod, bf, FIFA Ext and the next gen of gamers are playing games on tablets and mindcrat

hemmo19861228d ago

ah huh whatever helps you sleep at night

mcstorm1225d ago

@hemmo1986 would you like to explain your reply abit more?

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