Rock's not dead: How games saved music

From God gave rock and roll to you. Videogames resurrected it...

Here's a refreshing recap of the Rock resurrection by recently released rhythm games. Unnecessary alliteration aside, is the force feeding of classic rock closing the generation gap?

People, by and large, are a fickle bunch. They don't really know what they like, and a good deal of them are idiots.There truly is no rational explanation. 'Like a Rolling Stone' by Bob Dylan is song that, in 2004, was voted as the greatest tune ever recorded by a large panel of experts for Rolling Stone magazine. 'Axel F' is a cover of the theme song from an '80s action-comedy performed by a computer-generated frog invented by a mobile phone ringtone company.

In 2005 the latter spent three weeks as the number one single in Australia. In 1965 the former did no such thing.
Proof, if you will, that consumers are stupid, and generally always have been. If you bought 'Axel F' by the Crazy Frog – congratulations. You almost ruined everything.

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