Hands-on with the Seagate Game Drive for Xbox

First video showcasing the new Seagate Game Drive for Xbox One and Xbox 360

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Grown Folks Talk1199d ago

Another option, but you can find others of the same size for less.

coolbeans1199d ago

Heck, my 5TB was just ~$20 from the same brand. Only difference is it's just black and the box says "for PC" (though it works just fine for Xbox One too).

defiance1871199d ago

Thats because your 5tb uses 3.5" hdd and has external power. This is 2.5" hdd that is bus powered. The price is pretty much in line with or cheaper than other drives with similar features. For some an extra power cord is fine but for others including my self it's not.
I have an xbox one, og xbox, pc, 7.1 reciever, tv, modem, router, lamp and battery charger all plugged in in my living room. =no room for another device to plug in. Hoping Cobra951 is right about not going to sleep though. ive had that problem in the past as well.

ScorpiusX1199d ago

Had it been a 3TB for that price then I would buy it. So for now am okay w/ my 3TB X2 .

Malacath1199d ago

This seems pointless to me.

An overpriced xbox branded external is not necessary for the xbox one. You can just use anothr brand of the same quality that costs less

ocelot071199d ago

Agreed I honestly don't see the point in this. You can get the same storage but in a smaller case for £60/$90.

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wotta1199d ago

Or get a PS4 and change the HDD = Nothing sticking out the front.

Wikkid6661199d ago

Lol... why exactly is this going to sticking out the front?

thexmanone1199d ago

Go away, this about Xbox not the PS4.

Sitdown1199d ago

How does that option assist in playing Halo? And isn't that process more labor intensive? And finally, did your post accomplish what you were trying to do?

Malacath1199d ago


Unlike the ps4(Yes I do own one), the xbox one has USB sockets on the back. Nothing sticking out the front.

The xbox ones method of upgrading storage is far better than the ps4's

With ps4 you not only need to physically change the internal drive but you have to manually install the operating system by downloading it to a USB stick.

With xbox one. You just plug a drive in and away you go. You even keep the internal drive and everything on it.

Rookie_Monster1199d ago

Unlike the PS4 that has the USB port located in the front, the xb1 has 2 rear USB ports so nothing stick out front. Maybe that is why Sony didn't have external HDD support on PS4, they fear their fans will not like it with the drive sticking out in the front like you just appointed to. LoL

wotta1198d ago

Lighten up guys, it was only a joke.

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