World's Loudest Xbox 360?

We knew the Xbox 360 is a pretty noisy machine, by this? Did Microsoft's Xbox 360 repair service not check this person's console before sending it back? The person in this video claims that it started making these sounds after he got it repaired by Microsoft.

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Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3670d ago

.......Check! All runways clear for takeoff, would all passengers fasten their seatbelts, this is a direct flight to MS repair office, we hope you enjoy your flight with us at "MS Airlines"..

I LOVE my xbox3670d ago

that's a whisper compared to mine.

iamtehpwn3670d ago

He's Completely blocking the cooling fan. There's NO Way for hot air to escape, no wonder this guy's 360 got RROD, it's in a closed in space.

Light Yagami3670d ago

It looks like it's Kira who is doing this. 360s all around the world are getting RROD (a 360's heart attack).

iamtehpwn3670d ago

This could only mean that Kira is a Sony Fanboy..

I LOVE my xbox3670d ago

he can put it in an empty room with 3 air conditioners and it wouldn't make a difference.

iamtehpwn3670d ago

closing it inside a cabinet like that will overheat practically any console, especially 360's which are prone to such nature.

That's Why I keep a minifan blowing on mines. Hasn't over heated the year I've had it.

Wakka_3670d ago

This is why Yevon forbids the use of machina, ya?

SpaZaA3670d ago

Yeah, I have 4 fans aimed at my HDTV, 3 on my PS3 and 2 more pointed at my stereo system. I can't help but buy crappy hardware which needs to be more babied than an actual BABY.

Get a grip. Faulty hardware is faulty.

iamtehpwn3670d ago

I just said it was BAD to keep your console Trapped in a closed-in Area.
or any High-end machine

SL1M DADDY3670d ago

It's crappy hardware. Stop making excuses for a corporation that could care less if you live or die. It never ceases to amaze me how many folks defend a company like MS when they knowingly delivered a console made of faulty hardware and has been prone to failure since launch.

Shadow Flare3670d ago

lmao XD

I dunno though, that thing might make Sin go deaf. Might have some use after all

StephanieBBB3670d ago

Exactly the same thing happend to my little brothers 360. He got RROD and when he called up microsoft support they said "OMG another one???" It was back then when the RROD went on it's killing spree. After getting it fixed it started to sound just like that and after that he sent it back and got it repaired again.

I own an PS3 and the disc drive failed on me once and I had to get it repaired. After that it has been absolutely no problems at all. Not even with the 2.4 update. My PS3 is quiet as a mouse but when it's rly hot in my room and Im playing GTA4 for 2 hours it automaticly starts the backup fan that sounds just like the ordinary xbox360 fan thats going all the time. I just love my high-tec PS3 ^^

iamtehpwn3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

I simply stating you do not keep a machine locked into a confine space. It will cause *any* machine to overheat.

How is it That I've been accused of being Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Fanboy all on the same website? I own all 3 consoles, I make a fair and balanced judgement.

What he's doing with by boxing it in like that is closing up the cooling fan. I Want you duct tape your Wii or PS3's Fans closed, it would overheat.

It's common sense, not fanboyism. Yes, 360 hardware is Faulty, and prone to overheat, but if you CLOSE up the cooling fans, It WILL happen faster.

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Buju3670d ago

wow that is loud, perhaps something came loose during the delivery?

Superfragilistic3670d ago

Nah I had the same experience. Mine was noticeably louder (but not that loud!) for the first 24-48hrs before it went back to its usual quieter self.

InMyOpinion3670d ago

Mine was much quieter when I got it back. I got the Benq drive which loads faster than the other drives. I guess I was lucky.

dantesparda3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Cuz i got the benQ drive too, and its still loud as sh!t in my book, and that's in comparison to the Hitachi drive, which was the loudest. And for the loading faster part, I havent noticed a difference. If anybody could maybe show me some comparison videos

eagle213670d ago


"Mine was doing that.
The fourth Xbox 360 I mean. I'm on my fifth refurbished piece of shi$ Xbox now. The 3 year warranty is over so if it dies, I'm gonna smash it on a wall or crush it under a truck or something... "


"dude i feel for u man....i'm on my 3rd xbox 360 cause the shi$ keeps breaking (red lights of death) the only way i'll buy microsofts next console..... is if they pay me to buy their system after they give me a free computer with 1 TB of porn on it."

zapass3670d ago

XBOX360: your ass, our passion...

jump in and bend over, we take care of the rest

Bill Gates3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Oh my God bro that has got to be the funniest post in the history of the internet...AHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA

@Homicide below..

" Why isn't MGS4 on 360?
Because the 360 is too loud for Snake to sneak in."

Holy sh!t another funny as sh!t post...AHAHAHHAHHHAHHAHHAA

Keep it up guys, I love these jokes..AHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAH

Bladestar3670d ago

kind of sad people are willing to put up with having to "BUY" the xbox 360 5-6 times in order to enjoy the best games... I mean.. if the PS3 wouldn't be such of a big piece of $h!t as far as games are concern people wouldn't be willing to spend $349 x 5...

Good thing I never had the RROD problem... but I feel for those anti-microsoft/xbox that had to buy 5 xbox 360 in order to get some action...

Solid_Snake6663670d ago

bladestar your full of it you have had RROD so stop denying it

SpecialSauce3670d ago

the following comments maybe to much for xbots to handle reader discretion is advised.

SSCOOLCHEA3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

but its kinda hard to believe that someone would sit there and keep exchanging xbox 4 or 5 times . That is ridiculous even if you are getting a new one . i for one would have ask for my money back and got a ps3 . thats just the smart thing to do , but i do know some of you are doing it cause your friend s have one maybe thats it .

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yesah3670d ago

why are you bothering posting crap on the internet?! Save them ears son!

avacadosnorkel3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

I'm sure it will be all over the internet how Microsoft makes it up to this kid. But what about the kid that doesn't go all over the internet?

It might even be you.

I LOVE my xbox3670d ago

HEY are you stalking me?! How'd you know it could be me??????