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"I went into King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember with hefty expectations. Sure, the game series is actually older than me but I have many fond memories of playing the series when I was younger. Fortunately The Odd Gentlemen have really delivered with their telling of the classic tale. The story is fantastic, especially with its classic ‘King’s Quest’ nods. The sound design is amazing – the voice acting is some of the best I’ve seen in any game. Graphically the game is absolutely stunning, the cartoon style really fitting the gameplay and looking very pleasing on the eye. Daventry is awe inspiring. Most importantly of all though, the game is incredibly fun. Puzzles are a treat to solve, the QTEs and first person archery really add to the gameplay and nothing ever feels like a drag. The game will last you around five hours but those are five well spent hours. Sure, it has it’s flaws but should you buy King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember? In the words of Akchaka – Affa Nata! (YES!)"

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