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Rich at GameSpew writes: "People think that living life as a ninja is cool. That it’s all about keeping in the shadows, doing acrobatic jumps, throwing a few shurikens and generally just being a sneaky bastard. I’ve got it on good authority that they’re wrong though, at least for the unfortunate little ninja confined in the world of N++.

Trapped in a series of dastardly rooms filled with hazards, our little stick thin ninja has an estimated lifespan of just ninety seconds, and in my experience that’s a generous estimation. It’s just as well then, that he has a strange knack for reincarnation. Able to bring himself back from the dead at the entrance of the room he died in, he’ll have to face all too many deaths at the hands of bombs, missiles and extreme bodily trauma before he’ll get a reprieve. It’s all probably quite horrifying for him really, like a cross between the films Saw and Groundhog Day."

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