Sims 4 Patch Finally Adds Dishwashers to the Game

J Station X: In the latest Sims 4 patch, EA finally adds dishwashers to the game. There are also bug fixes for Create-A-Sim, NPCs, custom music and more.

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lilmisscherry1197d ago

I NEED a Sims game to come to the Xbox One. I miss spending all my time playing it and tormenting the little guys lol

uth111197d ago

I thought EA announced this around E3?

ColManischewitz1197d ago

Can you put your Sims into the dishwasher?

Nero21421197d ago

What's next EA ? you will open in game store where you can buy stuff for real money ? becouse you know it takes so much time for my sim to work his ass for new cool car

Chaosdreams1197d ago

Wait, lol what?

They actually didn't have DISHWASHERS IN THE BASE?

I mean, pools was one thing.

But a dishwasher.

lol I can't wait until Sims 5, where "because of the amazing upgrades, unfortunately the door mechanics don't work, so there's no more doors, just walls that your Sim teleports through. Doors will come later on! $5.99 per game session."

SegaGamer1197d ago

Pathetic isn't it ? and EA are trying to fool us by saying they have changed.

Truthandreason1197d ago

I can finally buy this game, because I sure wasn't washing them manually.