Debunking Anti-Game Propaganda

Dick Ward(Outside the White Box) from writes:

"Recently a news station, Local 6 out of Orlando, posted a story on their website that they claimed linked games and pedophilia. In fact, it claims that there are games in which children earn points through sending naked pictures of themselves to adults. The article has been written without evidence or actual fact, merely strung together quotes to prove a point, and is clearly without merit. Regardless, I'm going to go ahead, take it and break down piece by piece. "

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n00bFRAGGER3490d ago

Jack Thompson is retardedd.

giantchicken3490d ago

This article has nothing to do with Jack Thomspon though. Makes no sense why his pic is here.

bomberman4473490d ago

good article. shows how often the media is very misinformed about video games

hokiebonoz3489d ago

seriously....f8unnny though

THE_MACC3489d ago

it might not have anything to do with Jack Thompson, but are you gonna argue with that statement.

Irishrocket693489d ago

Penn & Teller do an episode about videogames? They could interview J.T. and all the hippie liberals who have tried to ban games!

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