Konami and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Trailer

It seems Konami is doing everything in their power to disgrace Kojima's legacy on his way out. The Gamescom Trailer for MGS V is the heartbreaking icing on the cake.

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ArchangelMike1199d ago

I don't think anything can diminish my hype levels after watching that MGSV GC2015 Motherbase gameplay demo.

It blew my mind to peices with the possibilities. Kojima truly innovated on the base building gameplay mechanics introduced in Peace Walker/Portable Ops. I can't wait for the story of BIgBoss to unfold , especially as it introduces Solid Snake and Liquid. It makes me even more annoyed with Konami that they are denying Kojima the praise he rightly deserves for what is shaping up to be his magnum opus.

Eogahn1199d ago

I agree 100%. I started to watch the demo I was like "Meh, Mother Base is cool but I want to see real gameplay" and by the end I was like "Oh my god, this is revolutionnary".

Kojima is a genious. I don't care about Konami.

Summons751199d ago

I'm just glad that the mother base online crap isn't forced. It would be annoying as hell to be in the middle of a story mission at the height of the plot just for the game to go "oh hey, this is happening....sorry to ruin everything for you". I won't build an FOB until after I complete the story, which by then all my mother base stats should be maxed and I can have the ultimate FOB.

callumjack1199d ago

That's exactly how I felt with Watch_Dogs and the hacking. It got extremely tiring to try and move between side missions and get pulled into someone's shenanigans and to a whole other part of the map. But afterwards it was a good bit of fun

rdgneoz31199d ago

You can turn off the FOB invasions if you want to so you're not constantly running back and forth to your base to defend.

rebeljoe141199d ago

Actually a leaked gamer said if you don't put care into motherbase at the beginning then you might get stuck in some missions in the game because you might not have the proper guns and equipment to complete that mission. Also you can't make non lethal weapons in the beginning until you recruited enough people and by mission 20 the player was still struggling cause he didn't put his time into motherbase

IIFloodyII1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )


The FOBs aren't part of that, they just give stuff like more soldiers, money, and potentially more supplies, but leaves you open to lose your supplies and soldiers too. It's a MP mode,that looks fun, but annoying too, I'm also glad you can just turn it off.

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callumjack1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

actually, unless it gave you some significant sort of advantage in the story, the FOB doesn't seem like something you'd stick with after the game is finished, at least not to me

3-4-51199d ago

* This mess doesn't effect PES 2016, which should be a solid quality game.

* Also they still have Suikoden.....I wish somebody else did, but yea since I'm newer into Suikoden I'd like some kind of revival, and it doesn't sound like it's a priority from them.

^ That gets to me more than this MGS stuff.

BG115791198d ago

As a fan of the MG series, I'm still divided between buying or not the game.
Should I buy it because this is the last MG produced with Kojima? That way Konami will see how much sale will be lowered in the next game made without Kojima?
Or should I not buy the game out if constert because of the way they treated Kojima and its team? I mean, all the money is going to Konami while Kojima and its don't even get respected...
Really a head scratcher for me right now.

ArchangelMike1198d ago

Buy the game, lets make it as succesful as we can in appreciation for Kojima. He still gets royalties if I'm not mistaken.

BG115791197d ago

Thank you for your advice ArchangelMike, even if I'm not sure if Konami screw over Kojima about royalties. They might,they are capable of such. But has nothing came out saying anything about it, I'll stay positive and buy the game.

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sactownlawyer9161199d ago

Comparing a video game trailer to the isis beheading video?! I'm not one to be politically correct but that seems excessive.

callumjack1199d ago

the comparison may be hyperbolic, but for the sake of this conversation, the analogy isn't trailer=ISIS beheading tape, but that your emotional investment in global politics and how this effects your daily life in a disheartening way is similar to how this trailer effects the landscape of video games for me personally. There's a large divide in how it effects me, but it is still very much present

raWfodog1199d ago

I just hope Konami gives Kojima the credit he so rightfully deserves in the actual beginning/end credits of the game. It's bad enough that they removed his iconic 'A Hideo Kojima Game' from the game packaging. It would be criminal if they tried to remove all traces of him from the game completely.

callumjack1199d ago

the trailer gave barely a sideways glance at the Kojima Productions logo, maybe a half second? It's almost worse, like "Oh yeah and I guess this guy helped a little or whatever"

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