IGN: The Agency Live Wire Interview

IGN has posted a behind the scenes interview with the producer of The Agency. It offers more insight into the upcoming MMO.

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NewSchoolGamer3674d ago

This game is just too cartoony for me. Nice concept and probably brilliant gameplay but just too cartoony. :(

Hububla3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

thats kind of a stupid reason not to even try a game coming from a guy whos got a little big planet avatar... too cartoony? so what!? its the gameplay that matters not the graphics.. thats exactly what i hate about this generation.. if a game doesnt have the best graphics they dont even give it a chance!

im actually really excited about this game... i cant stand the usual MMO's that are all about grinding and just click and watch ur character do the same animated attack over.. and over.. and over.. and over.. its honestly the most boring thing i can think of.. but this takes the MMO idea and does something new and innovative.. no lvls.. no grinding just action and stealth and fun! its almost like a metal gear MMO sorta.. finally a MMO where you can aim and actually takes some skill not just how long ur willing to sit there and click on the same enemy 1000 times.. BRAVO sony for trying something new i will definitely be picking this up day 1!

NewSchoolGamer3673d ago

I could agree with you but I just don't like the cartoony style of this game. It feels like nothing is being taken serious. Littlebigplanet is cartoony because it matches the concept and gameplay.

Sorry but shooters and cartoony characters just don't mix for me.