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PushSquare: It's safe to say that Galak-Z: The Dimensional is a game of charm and personality. Everything from the retro Asteroids-style gameplay to the 80s cartoon style just screams charisma, making it possibly one of the most loveable games of this generation so far.

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IamTylerDurden11225d ago

Galak-Z is an amazing game that isn't getting the hype it deserves.

It is inexplicable as to why Galak-Z is getting overlooked by some news outlets, perhaps the fact it only released on PS4 has an impact?

Fantastic game that continues to get excellent critical and user scores, the physics, ai, and mech ability are simply incredible.

Dario_DC1224d ago

Couldn't agree more, such an awesome game and most of the "bigger" news outlets barely mention it all.
Guess that's what happens when developers\publishers don't pay that advertising money...
Or maybe indies are only important when they come out on other platforms?

Anyway this is one game that can't be missed :)

sactownlawyer9161224d ago

Yup this phantom breaker and sword art online are 3 awesome psn games.

IamTylerDurden11224d ago

Well said man, "that advertising money".

I have a feeling a lot of "advertising money" changes hands in backrooms.

If you are playing Galak-Z get to season 2, that is when the real game begins, when you become Optimus Prime!

goathouse7741222d ago

Somethin'$ fishy. Did some hands not get greased? Did some butts get hurt? Why is it so important that this game get relegated to cult obscurity? Maybe the internet's body just wasn't ready..

italiangamer1224d ago

PlayStation is killing it with the games as always.

IamTylerDurden11224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

I got Galak-Z and Everbody's Gone to the Rapture together, got 20% off plus an extra 10% and i got themes w/both. You can still get Rapture 20% off if you preorder, plus you get a beautiful dynamic theme.

Rapture comes in 3 days so hurry. Rapture is $15.99 now if you have plus.

It's crazy how every week PS4 has a hot exclusive from GoW 3 Remaster, Journey PS4, N++, Galak-Z, Rapture, Volume, then Until Dawn, yet all i see on this site is rare replay and gears HD bs.

Lastlivingsoul1224d ago

Galak-z is incredible. Yet another amazing game that all of my friends will ignore/won't have access to. I really need new PS4 friends...

IamTylerDurden11223d ago

It's irritating that ppl don't even realize Galak-Z exists, i try to inform the world but it's hard. I was hoping this article would get more heat, i'll try again.

PS4 friends 4eva.

goathouse7741224d ago

This is CLEARLY one of the best PS4 games. People should not be sitting on this.

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