Destiny's upcoming changes could make it great again

DS writes: Destiny was fantastic fun for the opening couple of months, but the seriously repetitive content soon became an issue. Bungie's hype fizzled out to reveal a selection of empty play areas of uninspired fetch quests. Then came the expansions via a Season Pass that cost as much as buying the original game again, albeit with a tiny amount of tangible new content or environments.

Combine this with a levelling system that seemed exceptionally miserly with rewards that forced players into choosing weapons and armour based on how it would affect their Light level rather than the statistical benefits offered elsewhere, and Destiny became a gruelling grind with no sense of purpose. Bungie tried to reinvent the wheel without conceding to the value of a curve.

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SaveFerris1198d ago

I'm surprised that Bungie haven't chosen a female voice actor for Ghost along with Nolan North.

jdiggitty1198d ago

They used Ole Sad Eyes during TDB.

Brotard1198d ago

Thats fair, but only if you say that you are surprised they didn't have a male cortana in halo.

SaveFerris1198d ago

I never thought of that one tbh. Perhaps someone will petition 343i for the option.

DirtyPete1198d ago

I hope these changes will bring me back to it. I had such high hopes for Destiny all along. I so desperately want to just be captivated with this game.

camel_toad1198d ago

Im on the verge of finally giving it a shot (serious backlog) so Im hoping when I finally play it that it'll live up to what it was intended to be. Ive generally seen negative impressions but I still have faith in Bungie since even the best make mistakes. Hopefully they can get it to where they originally imagined it to be.

raWfodog1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

I also have not played this game yet. I've heard from both the 'love it' and 'hate it' camps. Maybe one day I'll give it a go.

I've played Warframe and loved it. Many say that Destiny is just an improved version of Warframe. Anyone have an opinion on this?

gamer91198d ago

The longer you can hold off the better. People love the potential and hate that it's taking so long to get a good amount of content.

Volkama1198d ago


Maybe it was great at some point I suppose. In the conceptual stage. Not at any point since release imo.

UnHoly_One1198d ago

I clicked on this article just to make that same joke. :D

Septic1198d ago

Ha! Literally was about to post what you said. Great minds. inside you

sactownlawyer9161198d ago

I have to admit that I am very excited to jump back in. I played in the alpha beta and day 1 but got bored and haven't played in months. The new changes sound awesome.

showtimefolks1198d ago

for it to be great again it had to be great the 1st time around. whether you are like me who played destiny and was underwhelmed or one of those millions still playing, we all have to Agree that what bungie promised and what they delivered were 2 different things

early in play tests people who tested the game said there was a lot of single player content, yet when the game launched the content wasn't there

I still remember reading about destiny for the first time. it was a article on ign done with bungie and in the artic,e it said imagine playing halo, mass effect and borderlands all into one. I was skeptical that one game could achieve all that and I was right by a big margin

destiny delivers 110% on game play department

story and loot now these 2 things they got 110% wrong. yet and when I say this yet it hurts me to say this. Bungie has no reason you change

they made a lot of money from destiny and millions of people still play the game, why should they change anything when millions are telling them it's OK the way it is

the term speak with your wallets apply here but this is gaming community after all. we will buy our favorite games no matter how bad a developer has treated us but Than these same people will complain about yearly releases of call of duty and AC series.

double standards exist in gaming more Than any other entertainment online community. and I am part of the problem so please don't think I am pointing any fingers

jdiggitty1198d ago

What is irksome is there was never any way to make the game they promised saddled with the 360 and PS3. They knew full well they couldn't deliver. I'm on PS4 and can't get one more gun in my vault because of the earlier gen consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.