The Witcher 3 Patch 1.08 Is Now Live On PC, XB1 and PS4, Requires 7 GB Download

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's latest update is now live on the PC, XB1 and PS4.

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Relientk771142d ago

Damn these Witcher patches have been huge the past few weeks

JMaine5181142d ago

And the frame rates are worse with each patch. Hopefully this cleans it up.

Hellsvacancy1142d ago

We say that every patch, here's until the next one

xHeavYx1142d ago

As stated below.
"but if you have all the previous updates installed, you only need to download 2.8 GB"

Dynasty20211142d ago

On consoles maybe.

Patches are great on PC.

thekhurg1142d ago

Yeah, hopefully this one fixes the double buffering on consoles.

Mostafeto1142d ago

I haven't even downloaded 1.07 yet. DAMN they're really big

TheSaint1142d ago

When does the final game release? Does anyone know? /sc

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Travis37081142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

All of these stupid patches!!!!
I'm tired of downloading this junk!!

5GB's here 7-8GB's there!!

I'm done downloading patches for games that had 4-5 patches already..

Sonital1142d ago

Doesn't your platform of choice have background downloads? I literally never have this problem!

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SIMOIKIE1142d ago

Witcher is a damn hard drive hog!

Mostafeto1142d ago

When I am done, I will delete it from my PS4 to make room for other games since this is getting really crazy.

SilverClock1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Anyone read the article?
"The full size of this update is 7+ GB but if you have all the previous updates installed, you only need to download 2.8 GB."
And my Steam library says it's only 2.1 GB.

SilverClock1142d ago

There's nothing to disagree with, it's a fact. I will never understand N4G. If I said that we need our heart to live someone would disagree with me.

wraith49121142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

well said bubble
GoG is a p.o.s.

Dynasty20211142d ago

It's a sea of trolling console owners.

Produce facts and you get downvoted.

Say consoles rule and PCs suck and you get upvoted.

Salooh1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

I will disagree just for fun :>

Its not fun saying facts, you must twist it and squeeze it or else me no likey.

you must understand this!!

Jerry Seinfeld1142d ago

Just in case you haven't seen it yet: N4G in real life.

1nsomniac1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

...Because it's not "fact" if you're updating on consoles. Where update is 8Gb whether you like it or not.

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cartoonx11141d ago

on pc maybe but on console u still need to download 8gb regardless, so the disagrees.

Ark_1141d ago

You read the article? ... that's not how it's supposed to work. /s

sullynathan1142d ago

I don't know to say whether it's a good thing that CDP is releasing patches so fast for their open world game compared to other devs but on the other hand you would think that they could have delayed the game for another 1 - 3 months to iron out these bugs, glitches and design issues.

1142d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.