N++ Review: Simple Visuals + Brutally Tough Gameplay + A++ Music = Awesome Platformer | Short Pause

Short Pause: "N++ has no story, no characters, no checkpoints, no voice acting, and no flashy graphics. It doesn't need any of those things. It's a game that accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do. Yes, you will die a lot. You will get frustrated at times. But you'll also have fun and feel a great sense of accomplishment when you finally ace a level that you have failed repeatedly. If you're looking for an easy game, then look elsewhere. But, if you seek a very challenging platformer that will keep you busy for a while, then N++ is well worth the admission price."

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TheDude791226d ago

N++ will require some time adjusting to the physics based controls, but once you get it down, it's extremely rewarding. There are some incredibly hard levels to get through, but like the author of the review said, the real challenge comes from trying to collect all the gold in each level. There were a few levels where I'd say to myself "No F'ing way will I be able to get those pieces!". It's awesome that you have the ability to watch your friends replays through areas to sort of get an idea of how they were able to collect all the gold. Lastly, the soundtrack for this game is fricking amazing. It's all licensed music, but you can find links to all the tracks to download them from the N++ link below. If you dig challenging platformers, you'll enjoy N++


tazmeah1226d ago

I've watched quite a few videos of this game, and it looks very challenging, which is how platformers should be! Thanks for that link, because some of the beats playing in the videos I've watched are pretty awesome.

TheDude791226d ago

I've downloaded quite a few off iTunes already!

piccolo9301226d ago

Perfect controls and finely tuned platforming was all I need to hear. I need to check this out!

TheDude791225d ago

I'll be curious to see what your thoughts are on the game. I know you're a big fan of platformers, and this one is pretty damn good.

Vyprstryke1226d ago

Sounds like this is one of those "i'm in the mood for a good platformer" games like Pushmo =) only you know...harder lol

tazmeah1226d ago

Yeah, just a tad harder than Pushmo, LOL!