Rocket League Could Have Been F2P, May Get Mod Support

Psyonix president Dave Hagewood talks about Rocket League's business model and the chance of modding support making it into the game.

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Frisky1203d ago

Xbox. Xbox Everywhere. I wish Sony had attended this Gamescom and held a briefing. But, nevertheless. The event was fun, and definitely better than previous Gamescom events.

kaiserfranz1203d ago

I expect them to make a big splash at Paris Games Week. Personally I'm very hyped for Wild.

By the way, Rocket League with mods would be insane!

Destiny10801202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

love rocket league

it would be nice to be able to change the color of the hats and wheels to your liking

Palitera1202d ago

I'm very glad they decided to do a very good game instead of F2P.

Yes, currently one excludes the other.

1202d ago