The Seventh Coming: What is Bungie Working on Next?

EndSights writes:

"For the past two console generations, gamers have been treated to some of the best in gaming, from God of War to Ninja Gaiden, Resident Evil 4 to Metroid Prime, and many more.

But few games deserve to go down in history for the significance that they have had on gaming as a whole. For these past few years there have been two franchises, Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto series and Bungie's Halo series. These two have blazed a path that every other game has tried to follow. They have taken the bar for gaming and tossed it into the stratosphere while other franchises have merely reached the bar."

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NewSchoolGamer3708d ago

the seventh coming indeed. I can just imagine the hype machine.

StephanieBBB3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Would be nice to see Bungie doing an online MMO shooter or just plain online shooter with 60 players or more on dedicated servers and you could both have xbox360 players and PS3 players playing together.

Total War Mayhem!

Tmac3708d ago

Remind us why you are still here?

TheColbertinator3708d ago

@Breakfast Nah Bungie is working on Final Fantasy 14

Aclay3708d ago

@ Breakfast,

Bungie is working on Viva Pinata 3: Halo Edition

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3708d ago

@Breakfast You are all wrong.Bungie is working with Sony to make Oni 2:Curse of the Spartan

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Poor Xbots3708d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, Bungie will be working on a PS3 exclusive to release their true vision.

Poor Xbots

ZombieNinjaPanda3708d ago

Err dude.

Don't you get just a little tired of it? I mean, it's only helpin the flame war...

ape0073708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

bunjie is just an average studio

halo 1,the only great halo game

halo 2 ,good but not great

halo 3,disappointment

and lets not forgrt ONI(ps2 game),the game that completely sucks

am sorry guys,no fanboyism at all

will done bunjie

in 8 years,one awful game,one great game

two diappointments

the most overrated game studio of all time

Monty_The_Great3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

that your opinion is somehow fact. But its not, and the fact that H2 and H3 both are AAA begs to differ that your opinion is wrong.

edit: @Hell: to each his own. IMO I am not sure how you think H3 was "worse" than H2 is beyond me. It did everything that H2 did and improved on it and added new things. Also, H3 is AAA.

edit: @ape: if you say so man, I didn't mean to disagree with you, sorry, I will just accept what you say as truth from here on out because you obviously are much more informed on the games that I think are good than myself.

ZombieNinjaPanda3708d ago

I only Disagree with Halo 3 being AAA.

Id say the game deserved a good 8/10, but no more.

The game was fun yes, but I personally felt that it was lackin in many things, balance to be one thing.
The Story also felt a little meh.

Halo 2! That Imho was a great game though!

ape0073708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

yes it's a fact that halo 1 was the best,because it was something new

the others were the exact same,I mean the exact same,everything including the music,and also both were worse than halo 1 in terms of level design,inensity and overall pacing,the assault rifle in halo 1 never gets old,each level in halo 1(if you remember) was a different taste in their own in halo 2 and 3 its just dumber,slower,boring and just the exact same(hell even the final level in halo3 was the exact final level in halo 1)

the only thing was good about halo 2 was online multiplayer and then halo 3's online and name killed by call of duty 4

if you think that halo 3 was AAA

you are either a fanboy or brainwashed

chitown3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

Bro honestly do us a favor and shut the [email protected] up. Nobody wants to hear ur stupid ass sh!t. Go back to wacking off to ur ps3. No need to troll in the 360 section. u dont like the game. millions of people feel otherwise. so do the majority of reviewers.
halo2 94% at gamerankings
halo 3 94% also
now fuc off that equals AAA if im not mistaken. and millions of copies sold. enough said

b!tch @ss kids are really starting to piss me off. u come up with the same sh!t, make declarative statements and then dont back them up. ur just a little hater. grow up and dont post here if u dont have
anything productive.

EDIT: oh yea and btw the fanboy would be you douchebag

ape0073707d ago


studios like bunjie and gamers like you will bring gaming toward extinction

go have fun with master chief and arbitar,send videos of your best gameplay,finish the game on legendary,have all achievments.good luck

you like crappy games,will good for you,have fun

bababrooks3707d ago

got to disagree with you ape, for me they have been one of the masters of online gaming!

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kazuma3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

don't want crappy rts, don't want peter jackson's halo, give me a new halo fps or marathon. NOW!

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