Sony Promises Unparalleled PlayStation Plus Experience as Market Conditions Push Up Prices

Sony issues statement on increased PlayStation Plus prices. Via Push Square: "Sony has confirmed that PlayStation Plus prices will increase in Europe starting 1st September. In a statement sent to us, the platform holder pointed out that it will be hiking the cost of one month and three month memberships in the UK, though there are no plans to change the annual subscription. We've reached out for firm pricing information, but all we know at present is that the quarterly option will increase from £11.99 to £14.99. We were told by a SCEUK representative that the changes are "different in some markets", so it may just be the three month sub that's increasing in mainland Europe, as originally reported."

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jmac531197d ago

It's pretty ballsy for Sony to do this after so many problems with PSN over the past few months.

dirkdady1197d ago

It's only the 1 and 3 month cards. The annual price remains the same

mushroomwig1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

You should never excuse a company increasing prices by just saying "oh it's only...". They're trying to push people onto the yearly subscription by jacking up the prices of the other subscriptions, it's completely unfair to those people (including myself) who only buy a monthly or 3 monthly sub every so often because a yearly one just isn't cost effective.

Oh of course I'm only getting disagrees, I mean how dare somebody not take kindly to a price increase right?

johndoe112111197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )


I am in no way defending this, I have no idea why they raised the prices. They could have a perfectly valid reason for it or it could be no more than trying to bleed people out of more money, I don't know. With that being said, saying that they are doing this to force people to buy yearly subscriptions is ludicrous and makes no sense what so ever and If you took the time to think about what you wrote and was honest about it, you would realize that also.

You do not try to force people to buy a £46 yearly sub by increasing a £12 quarterly sub by £3. If they wanted to force people to go yearly they would have increased it to £20. I am not justifying the increase but if someone has the money to pay 12 bucks for something every three months paying an extra 3 dollars would not break their wallets.

Whether or not it's justified, acting like you have to work extra shifts at work to earn the extra money to pay for that sub is ridiculous.

donthate1197d ago

Sony is already starting to raise prices already?

That was quick!

subtenko1197d ago

They raised the prices as a business move...its business....

Make people get the regular price of the 1 yr subscription, u save money with that one anyway if you are going most of the year with plus, and for the people who dont care or think about it, they get a bit more money...

Its business

lipton1011197d ago

Of course they're trying to push people into buying the annual subscription man, it's called business, shrewd business at least.

I'm a sales manager myself, and it happens ALL THE TIME. It's an easy way to increase revenue by making one option more attractive than the other through strategic pricing. The now higher price of the bite sized options increase the perceived value of the annual subscription.

I personally see nothing wrong with it, I buy the annual one every Black Friday anyway for $35 or so. Pay less, play smarter.

Revolver_X_1197d ago


You probably got disagrees because of the cost effective comment. Not sure how you came to that conclusion. The free offerings monthly per platform plus the reduced average per month cost makes it actually VERY cost effective.

VforVideogames1197d ago

Sony promises me greatness and all I got its remakes. May be that's what they meant, greatness from last gen.

fr0sty1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

@V With an ignorant and foolish comment like that, it's quite obvious you don't even own a PS4.

Dynasty20211197d ago

So what?

PS+ has been a real let down for the past 2 years.

PERSONALLY, PERSONALLY, PERSONALLY, PERSONALLY, I have yet to see a single game in all the months that I have wanted to download.


YOU may have wanted a game every month that was made available, but I haven't.

Where are the AAA games?

That combined with only one or two games being worth the MP, and the PSN outages being so frequent...

I PERSONALLY don't think PS+ has been worth it for the 2 years I've paid for so far.

solid_snake36561196d ago

i remember when we didn't have to pay to play online. Its a story I'll be telling my grandchildren.

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playstation4epic1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

There has been nothing wrong with PSN lately, it would have actually helped if you had a PS4. Where as there was a Steam hack and Xbox live was down 3 times in the last week.

jmac531197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

I do have a PS4 and a Vita but I don't blindly follow a company like an idiot. PSN has had problems and they need to work on making it better.

uth111197d ago

PSN had a rough patch last month. Lately it's been better.

DragonDDark1197d ago

What does that link have to do with anything?

FYIIR1197d ago

Woah buddy... do you have an xbox? Dont make those kind of false accusations. I got rid of my ps4 because of the consistent down time of psn.. Dont start acting brand new. Sony is behind in the server department.

KilluaX31197d ago

There wasn't any Steam hack. Famous streamers got hacked.

elarcadia1197d ago

Search "PSN down" on any news site and you will see that PSN had tons of problems 7/29-7/31. I tend to only use my PS3 for single player, so in most cases it doesn't effect me. I plan to get a PS4 sometime next year, but I will say one of the issues holding me back is all the PSN problems, particularly past breaches. I don't deal with that on my Xbox 360 or One...but then again, maybe I am just lucky in my Xbox Live experience.

Joe9131197d ago

I haven't had a problem getting online since the Christmas thing happened. When they do maintenance I'm usually at work so it doesn't effect me.

johndoe112111197d ago

"I plan to get a PS4 sometime next year, but I will say one of the issues holding me back is all the PSN problems, particularly past breaches. I don't deal with that on my Xbox 360 or One" - in 2011 - in 2007

not because it never happened to you means it doesn't happen. And if you still feel comfortable with xbox live then your reasoning for not getting a ps4 is baseless.

Onenyte1197d ago

XBL has been all over the place recently ,I just started destiny on xbox one and the service is nothing like what it used to be ......

Kiwi661197d ago

If xbl is always down then how is it that people can still play online multiplayer because if it is fully down then you can't connect therefore no online play but that hasn't been the case as you keep claiming it is and like others have said its usually friends list or apps but then you have a bias toward ps so nothing people who actually own an xb1 tell you will make any difference

PSN_ZeroOnyx1197d ago

I have zero issues with the PSN service minus the Christmas DDoS attacks. My router on the other hand i wish could choke to death sometimes.

Bolts1197d ago

How much do I have to pay for the PSN to match Steam up time?

EazyC1197d ago

Your username/picture is a testament to your unbiased, impartial and level-headed viewpoint.

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harrisk9541197d ago

XB Live is down all the time too. It is not a Sony problem only this generation.

FlexLuger1197d ago


"XB Live is down all the time too"

Completely and utterly false.

Redgehammer1197d ago

What's more true is parts of XBL may have issues, ( apps, friends list , store) but the online gaming part is almost always up, for me.

Immorals1197d ago

I've only encountered a completely down xbox live a handful of times since I've been on Live (Since around Halo 2 came out!).

Usually it's just the friends list that goes down (always when I need to use it!)

ha8eraid1197d ago

I haven't had any problems with xbox live, other than friends list may not be visible from time to time, but other than that I can still play games online.

isa_scout1197d ago

Yeah I've had just as many problems with my Xbox One as I have my PS4, but MS isn't jacking up the price either. At least MS brings out monthly updates to fix problems and add features though. Man could grow old waiting on good firmware updates for PS4. Bottom line: If you're going to charge people to play online then the online experience and features should work flawlessly, minus maintenance of course. This goes for both companies as online stability has really been a problem for both hardware manufacturers so far this generation.

blackout1197d ago

Live has been acting up of late. But any person with a brain would know that Microsoft is about to roll out W10 for the X1, expected. On the Sony side they have been Selling Selling Selling of late to be competitive. Check it out, over the last 3 years the y have sold two buildings and they Just dumped a whole lot of stock a few months ago. Sony is even trying to have there fans spend there money to make games Now. They have to make up for the money they have been loosing some how. And why not have everyone go flat yearly. Once again there are not give there fans a choice. Let's count, They turn down EA Access, 2 They say kick rocks backwards compatible ( something every gamer asked for before the release of the X1 and P4) and 3 forcing yearly subscriptions. In baseball that's 3 strikes and your out, but it seems with PlayStation it's the blind leading the blind. Windows 10 and Xbox One all day over anything Sony.

WellyUK1197d ago

PSN is down like 10x more than any other services... Come on people stop moving the blame away from Sony all the time.

Mrveryodd1197d ago

I call BS on that ..... For me live has been down maybe 3 or 4 times in the 7 years I have been using it .

Yetter1196d ago

problems with the store, problems with friends lists, but the service is almost never down

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1197d ago
triple_c1197d ago

I agree. Some of the decisions Sony's been making lately has been making me scratch my head but I guess when you're dominating the competition and you're the market leader you can do whatever you want. I just hope Sony Isn't getting arrogant again because it seems like they are from the looks of it.

ChuckTheIceMan1197d ago

Posn is complete garbage! Always was and probably always will be.

InTheZoneAC1197d ago


who buys 1 or 3 months cards anyway?

wellard1197d ago

I agree, as I said in a previous post for some of us psn is literally unbearable and now we must pay more. My main issue is with the ridiculously slow download speeds. A 100mb connection directly wired to the ps4 should not take several hours to download 1gb. I have not been able to play most of my games on the day of purchase as all the larger patches take the rest of the day to download. And now they want more money despite apparently doing absolutely nothing to fix the problem. Insanity. They wasted all their spare cash on bloody black ops 3 times exclusivity and now we must pay more. Bad show Sony, bad bad show.

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SaveFerris1197d ago

What does Sony mean by 'market conditions'?

playstation4epic1197d ago

The Euro falling through the gutters

pivotplease1197d ago

Lol us Canadians should watch out too. We got an 11 year low with our dollar recently. At this rate I should be stockpiling games and PS+ cards.

ThunderPulse1197d ago

@pivotplease games for PS4 went from $59.99 to $79.99 in about 2 years. If it follows the trend next year games for PS4 at release will be $89.99.

ChronoJoe1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

This article cites the UK pricing. The exchange rate for GBP to Yen has actually increased significantly in the last year or two, so currency strength isn't likely to be the market conditions they're referring to, at least not for the UK.

Market condition can mean anything. Maybe in the UK they believe £14.99 is the price consumers are willing to pay for their product.

The same can be said for the Euro, whose EUR/JPY exchange rate has risen considerably over the last 5 years.

dirkdady1197d ago

So 1 year price remain the same? Then not as big of a deal.

Death1197d ago

Before anyone gets too excited bout this, it's for monthly and quarterly subscriptions only. I honestly don't know why these exist when most people opt for the much better value annual subscriptions. The hike may be to push the people using the shorter terms to the annual rate.

Clown_Syndr0me1197d ago

I pay monthly because I don't notice £5 a month. Or I just buy 3 month cards from other retailers and can usually get them for £10.

pivotplease1197d ago

I bought 3 months the first time I got plus to demo the service and realized it was amazing and immediately picked up the annual card.

mushroomwig1197d ago

I only ever buy the 3 monthly subscription every so often because Playstation Plus doesn't always appeal to me. A yearly sub isn't cost effective for the people who don't use it for the year. I'll get PS+ once or twice a year so the 3 monthly one is perfect for me.

So yeah, it sucks and it's penalising the people who just don't need or want a yearly subscription.

magiciandude1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

They're definitely testing out waters before they jack up the price for the yearly subscriptions worldwide. Sony always does stuff like this. PS+ on PS3 was just a glorified precursor to the real deal, aka paid online multiplayer. Can't lie about that one!

Death1197d ago

Oddly it seems they only had about a million subscribers on the PS3 out of the 80 millions consoles sold. It's possible some markets may see increases, but it's too early to tell. For now it's just the monthly and quarterly subscriptions.

magiciandude1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

But why would Sony only care about the monthly and seasonal subscriptions? They have something up their sleeves, and they know nobody is going to like it, but they want to slowly butt it in.

I remember how the whole online pass debacle went on the PS3 last gen. Select PSP games like Modnation Racers had an online pass long before Sony introduced the PSN Pass program on the PS3, beginning with the third Resistance.

Sony dropped the PSN Pass program and replaced it with a PS+ pay wall for online multiplayer on PS4. Now I am suspecting they're going to jack the price for the annual subscriptions, based on track record with their other controversies in the past.

If Sony does increase their annual PS+ subscriptions, then they will be even more accountable at improving their service stability and provide better value in Instant Games Collection content than they currently are now.

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TwoForce1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Sony if you want to make a better PSN, you gotta be right about this. Because i'm not please what are you doing.