PSP Camera "not powerful enough" to bring to the U.S.

Siliconera slipped a question to a Sony Rep at SDCC 08' and says "the 1.3 MegaPixel Chotto Shot camera wasn't powerful enough since many cell phones have cameras with a higher resolution."

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pwnsause3672d ago

good that they're realizing this and upgrade the camera.

ice_prophecy3672d ago

:D Then make a better one and bring it down under!

poopsack3672d ago

Make augmented reality first person shooter!!

thehitman3672d ago

Just need to make the PSP2 a phone with built in camera/bluetooth and all the features the psp currently has. It be a huge hit and seller if Sony would to do this. I probably would definetly pick up one if they are with my service provider.

ElementX3672d ago

Phones become obsolete within a year or two. Do you really want to lug around a dated phone just to play games? I say leave the gaming system and phone separate. What if your phone dies? You lose your gaming system. What if your phone keeps searching for a signal when you're underground or out of range and then you go to game and your battery is low? There are too many problems with combining technology.

zo6_lover273672d ago

Skype, you need wifi and a headset but you can call people, even landlines and mobile phones(for a fee)

rbanke3672d ago

Even though it would be cool to play with, i sorta agree. Cellphone camera quality is getting really good, pretty soon they will likley be just as useful as a standalone digital camera for everyday use. The convienence factor of them is also very good. All of which makes a psp camera kinda uneeded for the masses.

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