Sony: We Let Our First-Party Teams Create Without Too Much Direction

Push Square: "Sony's first-party output has always pushed boundaries. While the platform holder has funded its fair share of shooters and racing games, experimental outings such as ICO and Heavy Rain have always composed a core part of its output, too. And speaking at Gamescom 2015, SCEE boss Jim Ryan has revealed that the platform holder prefers to be as hands-off as possible during the development process."

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Relientk771225d ago

Their first party teams don't need direction.

MrSec841225d ago

I'm sure there's at least some direction, especially when it comes to the decision on what ideas to eventually go with from a concept stage and gameplay features that support their new intellectual properties in development or when you're trying to evolve existing games to bring them to the next level.
It's bound to be the case that developers will ask for input from management and the internal development community at Sony just to make sure they're on the right track.

Sony's 1st party studios are well seasoned within the industry, the best in the world besides some 3rd party studios or Nintendo owned ones, in fact many people that now work at SCE have worked in many of the best studios in the world outside of Sony prior to joining SCE World Wide Studios.

When you have well proven studios, with known and highly talented staff and they're coming up with solid visions behind closed doors and management has seen their success in the past, they have that luxury.

I'm sure if Sony had been in a weaker position within the market this generation, if they weren't selling as many games from other sources and their hardware wasn't doing as well as it has been then they would have pushed to get more of their 1st party games out sooner, but they would have suffered as a result and it makes no sense to push when the majority of gamers are buying 3rd party games on PS4.

Volkama1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Lack of external direction and pressure is a creative studio's ideal, but it's not necessarily best for Sony. Sometimes that freedom bites them in the ass.

For example, if Sony exerted a bit more influence on Ready At Dawn then The Order probably would have featured a longer campaign and some kind of co-op or multiplayer. I know that's not strictly first party, but it's an example of too much freedom. Maybe The Last Guardian would have been in our hands a few years ago if Sony didn't allow quite so much leeway. Maybe these last months of 2015 wouldn't be quite so desolate.

On the flip side, if some moneyman at Sony started barking commercial requirements at all their first party studios then we may never have got games up to the quality of TLOU.

Sony's stance on this has lead to some great games and some duds. Imo that is better than a string of games with "strong commercial appeal" so hopefully they won't change.

SolidGear31225d ago

But The Order is one of my favorite games this year. Could've been longer but still great nonetheless.

Volkama1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Fair enough, I wasn't really trying to point fun at The Order.

I'm just saying that most publishers would have intervened with development, and made sure the game had certain features that people have come to expect from a $60 game. Sony let the studio release the game they wanted to release, and it wasn't well received.

Maybe from your perspective that means it stands as a good example of how creative freedom works well.

TwoForce1225d ago

You have to give people a choice. You need people to take a risk. Don't control them. If you forced them, they will be fear and lost their creativity.

get2sammyb1225d ago

Good post. There's definitely a balance. And I agree with you that it's better to have hits and misses than a string of samey looking titles that never try anything new.

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Team_Litt1225d ago

So Sony Liverpool wanted to release WipeOut after WipeOut before being finally shuttered?

BitbyDeath1225d ago

You can't be a one trick pony forever, just ask Bungie.

Team_Litt1225d ago

Except that Bunkie was not shuttered. They were given the option of buying themselves out. Not sure what point you were trying to make here.

BitbyDeath1225d ago

The underlying reason is the same.
You can't make the same game forever you will burn out.

Volkama1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

But his point was that Sony probably were exerting some control, at least in the case of Sony Liverpool.

With Bungie I don't think there is any question that Microsoft directed them on what games to make, so drawing that comparison only serves to support what he was saying.

medman1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

I like the name Bunkie. Bungie will now be known as Bunkie to me. Thank you for that.

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DragonDDark1225d ago

Proof: The last guardian.

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Spectre_StatusN71225d ago

Sony has always been very "laid back" when it comes to their worldwide studios. For example, you think Sony doesn't want Naughty Dog to milk the shit out of Uncharted or The Last of Us? Of course they do but they respect Naughty Dog's and their other studio's creative freedom. This is what in my opinion makes them different from Microsoft. Black Tusk was working on a new ip until Microsoft bought Gears of War from Epic and literally told them to can all their hardwork and basically forced them to make Gears of War 4, even changed their name to The Coalition lol.

testerg351225d ago

Isn't Uncharted going on its 4th version, a remaster, and a card game?

Spectre_StatusN71225d ago

The Uncharted series is ending with 4 confirmed by Naughty Dog. Meanwhile, Microsoft wants Halo to be a saga, Halo 5,6,7,8 is already planned whether 343 studios likes it or not. Imagine being a developer working on 1 damn franchise forever. I'm sure it's why Bungie started to go crazy

Roronoa04111225d ago

The remaster and card game weren't made by naughty dog.. and this is known to be the last Uncharted game. 4 games in a series is nothing when you compare it to games like Halo, Assassins Creed or COD. Even Gears is on its 5th game and it looks to be a new series.

jb2271224d ago

Uc1 came out in 2007, uc4 will release in 2016, so 4 games in a full decade can't quite fit the terminology of "milking", regardless of a supplemental handheld release & a card game related to the series in name only

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