Square Enix only published Life is Strange after a failed pitch for another game

Life is Strange is one of the year’s most acclaimed storytelling games, but it nearly didn’t get made.

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Relientk771229d ago

Love Dontnod Entertainment. First Remember Me and now Life is Strange.

I hope they make a Remember Me 2

Eogahn1229d ago

This ! Remember Me is highly underrated.

As for Life is Strange, it's probably one of my favourite games of the year. It's definitely flawed but somehow it feels real. Like, the writing perfectly makes you care about the characters. And the soundtrack is fantastic.

Congrats to that studio for bringing quality new IPs !

Clover9041229d ago

I'm so happy to see a game like Life is Strange hit a million sales. The game is spectacular. If you're on the fence about this title, don't be. It delivers. I've seen a lot of online comments from people saying that they're waiting for the last episode to drop before diving in, which is great. I love seeing a unique and well made game get the sales it deserves.

SolidGear31229d ago

I'm getting it day 1 once it hits retail. With a million or more sales I'm certain it will because it was stated they would depending on the success it has digitally.

FinalFantasyFanatic1228d ago

Me, too, as soon as a retail disc is released, I'm jumping on it.

maybelovehate1229d ago

Life is Strange is so good so far. Finished episode 2 yesterday and it had me pretty stunned. The character development and investment is so deep, makes the situations feel real. In the case of one character almost too real, reading the percentages of scene outcomes almost killed me, like two of the scenes had high percentages of outcomes that I just can't even imagine going through.

Clover9041229d ago

I may have had one of those unimaginable outcomes. WHY DID THAT HAVE TO HAPPEN?! It really is a great game. Just wait until you play episode 3 :D

maybelovehate1229d ago

Yeah I was shocked that one of the situations had around 70% of the people ending up in a situation I find unimaginable.

I seriously almost turned off the game because I didn't want to be responsible, it was too much pressure!

Clover9041228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

"I seriously almost turned off the game because I didn't want to be responsible, it was too much pressure!"

Haha, right? The event was so massive that I was sure that there was no way around it. When I saw the choices and realized that there was another option it only made me feel so much worse :(

Get this game people!