Crackdown: Revolutionary Multiplayer, Less Ambitious Single Player?

Crackdown's demo at Gamescom shut the haters up and left others in awe at what truly was an impressive display for the 'Power of the Cloud'. However, does the MP-only destruction serve to undermine the single-player and arguably the best feature of the game?

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StrayaKNT1229d ago

Whatever isn't 100% destructible is none of my business. Therefore, no single player for me anyway. Bring on crackdown and teh cloud, can't wait :)

Septic1229d ago

Well its a shame that the SP doesn't have 100% destruction. You would have to make the title online only to make it work or somehow find a way to make a separate online mode for the SP which would be a shed load of work, as the article mentions.

Still, the Power of the Cloud is impressive :D

StrayaKNT1229d ago

As the developer said, it wouldn't fit being in the offline mode because you're supposed to be an agent of the city and protect it not blow the whole damn place up haha (which is what I'm planning to do online) (aiming at someone on top of a building) (that person up there will be you)

Volkama1229d ago

@Straya in a world with morphing cars and super-agents I don't think it'd be that far fetched to have criminals in somewhat more fortified building, or a clean-up crew that actively rebuild the city (perhaps at personal expense to player/agency).

There is just no way that giving up all that power enables the devs to make a better game.

BitbyDeath1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

SP wouldn't work with 100% destruction for the mere fact that you would/could blow away key areas needed for SP to tell the story.

That is the biggest issue of why devs don't implement it in their games.

darren_poolies1229d ago

"As the developer said, it wouldn't fit being in the offline mode because you're supposed to be an agent of the city and protect it not blow the whole damn place up"

There is no way that that is the real reason they don't have destuction in offline, that's just PR talk. It's because the game would have to be online only for it to work in SP.

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Genuine-User1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Comparatively, expect a 20x decrease in destruction physics for single player.

Sm00thop1229d ago

It probably wouldn't fit the single player having so much destruction, either way they are still pushing what is possible and its only Xbox that will have such a game because MS have invested billions in servers around the world. Imagine what can be done with online games when this really takes off, no other console will be able to compete really. It would take years just to get the infrastructure up and then billions of dollars, which quite frankly Sony don't have.

Professor_K1228d ago

Destruction in sp would ruin the campaing script, it makes sense

TheGreatGamer1229d ago

"Less Ambitious Single Player?" Because people need to be able to play it offline and Xbox One literally cannot compute that level of destruction offline... No console can. Also, a 100% destructible city kind of gets in the way of the story/missions so I'm happy for it to be multiplayer only

Volkama1229d ago

"People need to be able to play it offline"

I don't see that as a requirement. If the game would be better online then make it require a connection.

Requiring an online connection without offering any benefit to the player would be bad, but if that connection enables something cool like Crackdown's destruction? More than acceptable imo.

TheGreatGamer1229d ago

I completely agree, I meant they need to make it playable offline otherwise people bitch and moan but besides, the destruction just wouldn't work in SP because you could e.g. destroy an objective etc. so I'm glad it's sticking to MP only

darren_poolies1229d ago


Well the vast majority of Red Faction: Guerrilla and that worked fine.

WeAreLegion1229d ago

I'm more interested in the single player campaign. I realize I'm in the minority, but I prefer to play against AI.

I think the campaign looks awesome, by the way. I just want to have some fun.

Aceman181229d ago

that's what i loved about the first game, and i hated what they did with the second game. Crackdown for me has always been about the single player campaign.

Slevon1229d ago

I'm willing to bet that the multiplayer is going to be a big coop sandbox and not competitive. Whenever they talk about destruction they talk about taking down a mob boss and not other players, so fingers crossed

WeAreLegion1229d ago

I hope so. That would be great!

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RiseofScorpio1229d ago

Cmon MS make it Online only, if destiny did it then you can.

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