It's Very Likely There'll Be More PS4 Remasters, Says Sony

Push Square: "There have been a spate of PlayStation 4 remasters since the system's launch in 2013, but it doesn't look like Sony's done yet. The platform holder's lined up Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for later this year, but speaking with PlayStation Germany, SCEE boss Jim Ryan has hinted that there may be more new-gen ports on the way."

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Bennibop1201d ago

Resistance trilogy seems a certain. If they do I hope they include the multiplayer as that is a bit of a let down with the Uncharted Trilogy.

get2sammyb1201d ago

I don't know whether Resistance is all that likely myself. I think that series is done now. Personally, I would play it, though - I rather enjoyed all three.

bouzebbal1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

we want remasters from PS2, not PS3.
If they only remaster multiplayer, i will take warhawk, MAG and KZ2.
Speaking of this, didn't Sony confirm Heavy Rain and Beyond remasters for PS4?

kneon1201d ago

+1 for MAG and KZ2, those two are my most played multiplayer from last gen by far.

philm871200d ago

Unlikely there'll be PS2 remasters, takes a lot more work.

theshredded1200d ago

I don't know. PS2 games have aged a lot, a remake would be better but I doubt they'd bother.

donthate1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

I would like to see some proper remasters, not cheap 1080p bumps and sell.

There are only two series I can think of that I would like see properly remastered, Resistance Trilogy and God of War 1 & 2 from PS2.

BUT they better be proper remasters, not the lazy crap they are peddling and also make it include the multiplayer this time with proper dedicated servers!

sonarus1200d ago

remasters are cool and all till they start taking away resources that should be dedicated to stuff like new games.

DarXyde1200d ago

Agreed abzdiine.

I'd love to see Dark Cloud and Shadow of the Colossus redone from the ground up.

pivotplease1200d ago

A true Kingdom Hearts collection would be nice if you're listening Square.

_-EDMIX-_1200d ago

@DarX- they are referring to ports being done, not remakes.

XBLSkull1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

More PS4 remasters? Does that mean they are going to remaster more PS4 games to play on your PS4? That would be a new low lol!

"Coming this fall exclusively to PlayStation 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall Remastered"

Joking aside, where is the damn SOCOM REMASTERED collection. By far Sony's best franchise, the reason I buy PlayStations, and they've just let this once spectacular franchise just die. Tragedy.

Major_Glitch1200d ago

I would love a TENCHU remaster.

DarXyde1199d ago


I see how that came off as confusing. Yeah, I wasn't implying they were talking about remakes. I agree that Sony should pull from PS2 era titles to be redone (remaster or remake); the part about being done from the ground up was actually an aside with me thinking out loud.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Mr-Dude1201d ago

Resistance: FOM had a very good multiplayer... Good memories.
Those mêlee matches ^^

Ron_Danger1200d ago

Resistance would be great! So much fun with R2's co op missions and R3's co op campaign.

I'd also want:
Dark Cloud, MediEvil, Syphon Filter, Tomba!, Ape Escape, Dino Crisis, PaRapper, Armored Core (1-3 before it went all arcady), Legend of Dragoon, and Rogue Galaxy. I'd say Crash Bandicoot (including CTR!) and Spyro, but those are the most unlikely...

Those were the games I remember playing in junior high and high school. Gamers these days don't fully realize how good gaming used to be.

pivotplease1200d ago

DC1 and 2 and an announcement for 3? Would take over Ni No Kuni 2 any day. But really ill take what I can get.

HmongAmerican1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Resistance FOM was the reason I got into FPS in the first place. I has pour so many hours into that game.

PC_601201d ago

give me Killzone 2 multiplayer at 60fps

ninsigma1201d ago

Loved the multi player for kz2. I played it so much and I'm not even that big of a multi player guy!.

NewAgeisHere1200d ago

Best fps multiplayer in history!

BABY-JEDI1200d ago

Super best MP in history 😃

WowSoChill1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Will it be a Remaster or a Port though Sony? Sony sems very confused about these to very different approaches, just upping the res is not a Remaster

isa_scout1200d ago

I'm a big PS fan, but I totally agree. I just earned the GOW3 platinum trophy for the second time with the remaster and it looked exactly the same to me. I wish Sony wold do like MS is doing with Gears and completely remake ResistanceFOM. That would be so badass.I'm not spending another $40 to $60 on a game I can pick up for 10 bucks on the PS3 unless the improvements are very noticeable.

deafdani1200d ago

Just upping the res IS a remaster. A remaster is anything you can make to make a game look better than it did before.

Just upping the res is the minimal form of remaster there may be, but it's still a remaster nonetheless.

NeoGamer2321200d ago

To be fair, they did not call god of war iii or uncharted re-masters.

It is more fans assuming these are re-masters.

Magicite1201d ago

Id love some PS1 and PS2 remasters please.

warczar1200d ago

I'm going to assume the the disagree you got was an accident.

Angeljuice1200d ago

Jumping Flash....[Optimised for Morpheus]

grumpygamr1200d ago Show
nitus101200d ago

The problem with PS1 games is that pretty much any PS3 can play them while only the first release or FAT PS3's can play PS2 games.

Playing a PS1 game on a large screen HDTV is not that great since the picture appears to be very grainy although the gameplay has not changed.

Playing a PS2 via a backwards compatible PS3 to a large screen HDTV is IMO acceptable since it it a bit like watching an unscaled and smoothed DVD and of course the gameplay is the same.

That said it would be much easier to remaster a PS2 game than a PS1 game although that is up to the developer.

It is great if you have a BC PS3 and a collection of PS1 and PS2 games however lets be honest here, how many people still have the original gaming media?

You also have to keep in mind that PS1 games were on CD and most PS2 games were on DVD and both types of media are easily scratched unlike BluRay disks which have a very tough scratch resistant surface although like all media you can scratch the printed surface rendering the media useless.

Remastering is a great way of providing older games for the gamer who has never played the original before.

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GranTurismoFan1200d ago

YES. I LOVED Resistance on PSP and PS3, Bring it on. Id like to see old PS1 and PS2 titles remastered, like Ratchet and Clank, it's unreal how good that game looks.

ABizzel11200d ago

I don't mind remaster so much, as long as they are collections, with all the DLC, and upped graphics / framerate / resolution.

What I do mind is the $60 asking price, and the single game remasters at $60.

Which is why I always wait for them to drop down to $30 or less and enjoy.

_-EDMIX-_1200d ago

"don't mind remaster so much, as long as they are collections"

Well some remasters take longer and much more time and cost to actually do then others. Look at God Of War III and Gears Of War.

Just because Halo collection and Uncharted collection have many titles doesn't mean it was of the same difficulty.

We don't really know how hard or how lengthy some of those remasters could get.

I'd take anything with great quality. Though I like the Uncharted collection, I can't just deny that God Of War III or Gears 1 doesn't look great because it wasn't some collection, those games clearly took much more work and effort then other remasters.

ABizzel11200d ago


Gears is a perfect example of what I was saying. It's $40 and comes with the remaster of the first game plus Gears 2, 3, and Judgment (even if they are the 360 versions).

GOW3 is $10 or less, or better yet God of War Saga cost $20 with all the games except for Ascension, yet GOW 3 alone is $40 on PS4. 1080p @ 60fps does not justify that price to me, regardless of how much I love that game, when I can buy all of the prior games for $20 on PS3 (which I have by the way). Why buy 1 better version of a game when I can get the entire collection for 1/2 the price.

That's why being a collection and pricing matters to me. They've said these collections are more for people who didn't own the previous console and I understand that, but the fact is people who did own the console are also buying it as well, and are likely the majority because we already know they were great games.

As I said I simply wait a few months and let the price drop, so I have no problem with it really, but by all means a collection is a much more worthwhile product and a much easier sell to gamers for $40 than a single games for $40. It just is, and considering GOW 1 / 2, CoO, GoS were PS2 / PSP games, and ported to Vita (1 & 2) I don't see why they aren't effortlessly added to this, and Ascension should be there as well.

Halo MCC Collection, God of War Saga, and Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection are the prime examples of what a Remaster should be. And hopefully Uncharted Collection and Gears will be added to that this year.

_-EDMIX-_1200d ago

@Ab- "Gears is a perfect example of what I was saying. It's $40 and comes with the remaster of the first game plus Gears 2, 3, and Judgment" comes with those as bonus for buying it this year, those don't come automatically at any time after that set date for the deal.

We've gotten Remasters of single games and that is quite fine.

" Why buy 1 better version of a game when I can get the entire collection for 1/2 the price"

Because even that collection is not a remaster or a better version of.

What is being compared doesn't even match.

Its a collection of ports vs a remaster.

I can get the god of war collection right now on PS3, that doesn't give me a version like the God OF War III PS4 version in it...

Stop trying to compare a pre-order bonus of ports to a full on remaster and stating it based on PRICE! Thats like saying...why get Gears at all bro.

could I not buy it for 30 cents on Amazon? That is not what is actually even being compared, not even a little.

This is based on wanting them remastered at all. As someone who owns a PS3 and PS4, I can very much say I would rather have a better God OF War III, then a cheaper God Of War III.

"God of War Saga, and Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection are the prime examples of what a Remaster should be"

Like I stated. We are not sure how much it takes to actually remaster some of those games. No company is under any obligation to just make a game a whole collection every time they want to redo or remaster a game.

I'm fine with collections, I'm fine with single releases, I'm not the team porting it so I can't speak on its difficulty to actually remaster.

ABizzel11199d ago


The fact that the games don't come on the disc Day 1 is irrelevant, because you still get those games eventually (most likely when the BC beta is over, and update comes to everyone).

As you said a remaster might be better, but the improvement to a remaster of 1 game, does not outweigh having access to the entire franchise TO ME.

"Stop trying to compare a pre-order bonus of ports to a full on remaster and stating it based on PRICE! Thats like saying...why get Gears at all bro."

I don't know how I can phrase this any simpler for you to comprehend.

Having access to the entire franchise on 1 disc, is of more value TO ME, than simply having 1 game of said franchise remastered.

For your Gears example you would be buying it used for $4.27, all the prices i posted were new, because you would be getting new digital copies. but even then, you're still getting Gears 1 remaster, Gears 2, Gears 3, and Gears Judgement. So even using your completely desperate 1 sided argument of buying all the games used it'll cost you $21.82 from Amazon to buy the cheapest used version on there, with games in "Acceptable - Good Condition." So a savings of just under $20.

But that extra $20 gets you not only a 1080p @ 60fps upgrade, it's also a completely retextured and retooled game with much better graphics, and improved gameplay (yes the gameplay has been tweaked to bring it up to Gears 3 quality), bringing it up from PS360 to near XBO levels graphically, it also has new multiplayer modes, new missions, more multiplayer maps (19 at launch), all the PC DLC, new character skins, and access to the Gears 4 Beta, and has access to all of the XBO features.

Using your analogy GOW 3 can be bought for $6.19 used on Amazon in Acceptable condition, whereas the remaster cost $40 at launch. That's a difference of $33.81. And with that you get a boost to texture quality and lighting, photo mode, and all DLC.

"Like I stated. We are not sure how much it takes to actually remaster some of those games. No company is under any obligation to just make a game a whole collection every time they want to redo or remaster a game."

Dev struggle is none of my concern, but smash that argument it took Naughty Dog only 1 year to port The Last of Us over to PS4 with the exact same features GOW3 has, on top of that improved character models from the PS3 version, so no these projects are huge undertakings, but all about learning how to code for the PS4 in the best way.

And at the end of the day none of that matters to the consumer, because they are asking use to come out of pocket to pay for a product they made, and if the product isn't to my liking, I'm not going to buy it PERIOD.

Which for the final time is why I said and I quote myself "I always wait for them to drop down to $30 or less and enjoy."

I don't care what you do with your money, but your opinion on the subject and excuses as to why games should cost said price, and lack the full collection is your business and "YOUR OPINION". If they want my money and a full price buy, then they better have a Collection of the franchise preferably all remastered (Halo MCC / Uncharted Collection). Otherwise they better have a worthwhile update and priced reasonably (Gear of War, Ultimate with all the new content + all the 360 games for $40). Or else they will be moved into the $20 or less buy category (God of War 3 Remastered) "TO ME".

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iTechHeads1200d ago

They would only do a Resistance Trilogy Remaster if they plan on doing a 4th game on PS4.

Count me in.

SolidGear31200d ago

Hell yes! Resistance 3 blew me away!!

medman1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

I own a ps4, ps3, 360, and pc...I bought my 360 before my ps3 last gen, and missed out on the Resistance franchise because I didn't own a ps3 when the first game launched and didn't want to jump into it late, plus other games came along and I just never picked it up....I would definitely pick up a remaster of that trilogy, no question. 1080, 60fps....I hope to see it!!

RedDevils1200d ago

I rather get Dragon quest and the Shadow Heart remaster on ps4

nitus101200d ago

Both of those games still look great on my HDTV when played on my BC PS3. In fact except for a few games (three to be precise) all of my sixty PS2 games play fine. The three that fail only hang or crash at a specific point in the game and unfortunately that is at least over ten hours in, sigh!

My BC PS3 is the PAL version which is a mixture of hardware and software emulation. The NTSC version is hardware so just about all PS2 games will play.

KonaSquid1200d ago

Ape Escape collection, please :3

TWB1200d ago

Plus the japanese exclusivities too, preferably translated.

Especially that ape pant laundry game...

nucky641200d ago

resistance games
jak and daxter series

and, PLEASE, do a demon souls remake complete with the broken gate being accessible to a new area!

Muzikguy1200d ago

Very likely, that's not surprising. I'm not exactly thrilled to hear that though :/

There's so many remakes I'd like to see, but they're not from the PS3. That's what's been happening recently

_-EDMIX-_1200d ago

" I'm not exactly thrilled to hear that though :/"


Muzikguy1198d ago

Because like many have said, we could be getting new games instead. It's not telling much about your games when you have to keep remaking old ones because your new ones aren't selling well enough. Plus, like many have said, remakes of PS3 games isn't really doing much to the game. Now if they were to remake PS1 &2 games that would be more work and effort. It would also merit the asking price more than a "resolution bump" would IMO

Intranquill1200d ago

But why include multiplayer for 2 old games when you're putting a new installment on to the system in question? You'd separate your online user base between 3 games. And that's just silly.

The online will shine with 4, leaving 1-3 to be their core single player experiences. Resistance may on the other hand see the multiplayer side, especially if 4 is never to release.

InTheZoneAC1200d ago

Resistance MP was nothing spectacular. I enjoyed R1's story, R2's was solid, but R3's was pretty bland.

And the multiplayer was generic. Super toned down graphics and pixelated projectiles, horrible hit boxes, aim assist, several shots to kill. I know many people played R1 online because there was nothing else online, but hardly anyone played R3 online, that was dead within a few months.

showtimefolks1200d ago

resistance trilogy and if you please include the online portion of Atleast resistance 2. I so want to play that 8 player co op again. I to this still don't understand why insomniac thought it was a good idea to take away the most played mode from resistance 2

socom 2 complete remake

announce kill zone 2 online remaster and make it free for psn plus members

get Capcom to do ominusha series remaster

still waiting for a remaster of gta 3,vice city and sa

also how about the already related in japan yakuza 1 and 2 hd

is it possible for you Sony to remaster no I am not asking you to remake just remaster all the released yakuza games in to one collection and maybe release it as fan service

extermin8or1200d ago

Hoping the resistance trillogy will be a predelude to Resistance 4's announcement...

magiciandude1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Well since PS4 won't have BC, and PSNow isn't accessible by the masses, remasters is the only viable trick Sony has up their sleeve to bring old games to the new console.

authentic1200d ago

There's no multiplayer for any of the Uncharted games in the remaster?

3-4-51200d ago

Dragon Quest 8 for PS4 ?

Jaqen_Hghar1200d ago

Resistance 3 a man's favorite FPS of all time (Ratchet and Clank meets old school FPS is exactly what others should shoot for...pun intended) BUT it ran fine on PS3. Skyrim and ME trilogy did not and therefore should be remastered. Not to mention those devs haven't made a new gen game yet and it would give them good practice while building a fanbase on the new gen for the next installment in those franchises.

StrawberryDiesel4201200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Resistance at 1080p/60fps would be great. While they are at it, give us Demon's Souls, Killzone 2 and MGS4 at 1080p/60fps.

1200d ago
VforVideogames1200d ago

Im kinda pissed off at Sony for giving us just remakes, I mean if they were gonna give us greatness from last gen at least they should have warn us.

captainbigballs1200d ago

"If they do I hope they include the multiplayer as that is a bit of a let down with the Uncharted Trilogy."

Microsoft would have been torched if they did this with a game like Halo MCC, up your standards.

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Mr-Dude1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Remakes/remasters... It's good with exclusives, but lately its becomming to much. Everybody does it with there old games. Look at prototype! It is a lame port and cashcrab.

If they stick with the exclusives then mmkay.. But still...

Septic1201d ago

Yeah more remasters are a given as they are a licence to print more money for all those involved. Without BC, those who have moved over to the PS4 from 360 have no real choice but to buy them so it actually is quite a clever move really.

insomnium21201d ago

"those who have moved over to the PS4 from 360 have no real choice"

Yeah that's what you get for making the wrong choice last gen. They can buy a PS3 too you know?

I_am_Batman1200d ago

If you've moved from the 360 to the PS4 you wouldn't really benefit from bc all that much anyway. You'd still have to buy the PS3 versions of the games which granted would end up being less expensive but you can also wait for the remasters price to drop if you aren't willing to pay the full price.

I think All 3 Uncharted games with improved framerate and resolution is actually a pretty good deal especially if you haven't played the games yet.

r2oB1200d ago

If a gamer moved from the 360 to PS4, then they surely didn't buy PS3 games last gen. Backwards compatibility would be of even less importance to them wouldn't it?

Septic1200d ago

"If a gamer moved from the 360 to PS4, then they surely didn't buy PS3 games last gen."

No but they can buy MUCH cheaper last gen games and are not restricted to just remastered titles.

Spotie1200d ago

They're not restricted anyway, since they can always buy a PS3 and play the game natively, with a 100% compatibility rate. No waiting for games to be added to the list of compatible titles.

_-EDMIX-_1200d ago

@Sep- "No but they can buy MUCH cheaper last gen games and are not restricted to just remastered titles"

...??? I mean...if they wanted it that much, they could have just bought a PS3 if it was so necessary to have.

Remasters are not JUST for that reason, no one just got all games last gen, thus...even if you own a PS3 and PS4 or 360 and XONE, didn't mean you played all Halos, all Gears or all Killzones all God Of Wars etc.

It has a value to the consumer weather you owned the system last gen or not.

That doesn't account for if you didn't own the game. I'm getting Sleeping Dogs for PS4 and I very much owned and still own a PS3....

Why get the lessor?

magiciandude1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Yeah, that, and there are plenty of double dippers out there willing to buy their old games again, especially from the trophy hunting community. That is a fact. Because of this, remasters are almost 100% guaranteed win win situations for Sony.

Not to mention they can pump out their entire PS3 first party line-up in so little time, with so little money. This is clearly something Sony won't pass up, regardless if MS has something far better for the Xbox One.

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iTechHeads1200d ago

If no one buys them then no one will make them. vote with your wallets.