Fifa 16 interview: Women's football, ratings, planning ahead and PES

There's rarely been as much optimism surrounding the release of the latest Fifa title as there has been around Fifa 16. When the game was first revealed, EA also proudly announced the inclusion of women's football for the very first time. Female athletes are seldom seen in sports games outside of those tied to the Olympic Games, so the announcement represented a huge step forward.

The recent Fifa Women's World Cup, which took place in Canada in June and July of this year, was considered a huge success – and not just for the England, who were placed third. The event itself did much to help raise the profile of the women's game, which continues to grow in stature and earn rightful respect worldwide.

At Gamescom 2015 in Cologne, Germany, IBTimes UK sat down with the series' senior producer, Nick Channon. We talked to him about the inclusion of the women's game, what it's like to be in a constant state of motion developing a now-annual game and the influence of rival series Pro Evolution Soccer – which in recent years has found its form again.

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